Monday, June 9, 2014

Confessions of a Sales Clerk

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It could be a pleasure to shop but to deal with retail, it could turn into a psychological disaster for the employees who can't stand the facade of perfection and eternal happiness.

Working in retail, offers a wide variety of different perspectives about humanity and how the marketing efforts work properly in order to boost a product, much of the time the directors and managers they don't care about the personal well being of their employees because, they see their employees as tools to get their quarterly bonus.

As a society that we are, focused on Market Economy, we had stepped down towards common-law values, as all men are equal and money doesn't buy class and style. On a psychological level, one aspect of the function of these kind of business are aimed towards to keep the status-quo as much as they can towards the employees, it is as they use a cult of personality style  to the founder of the company.

The interpersonal relationship between the company and employees can be quite complex, but not difficult to analyze; imagine;i.e, a bee hive, where everyone has their own defined roles, and they will be stuck on their roles until they die. Of course; if we take this approach into the Descartesian philosophy, not everyone will see their reality as the maximum paradise, some individuals will try to step out and see that the world is quite different as the managers let them see, that in reality some will have the potential to create a difference.

Think of Neo and Morpheus with the pop culture argument of the red pill and the blue pill, one of them will wake you up from the dream but the other will let you stay in the fantasy. Probably, it goes towards professional aspirations, some people are like the worker bees we need them, "we need them in order to have our sandwich or Big Macs" as my cousin Alexandra says, but we can't make them feel less, because they are still people, even if sometimes their managers don't understand that.

Towards education; much of the corporations in America, aren't keen that their employees move forward pursuing a different method beyond the ones taught by the company; they will end up ridiculing any member that doesn't fit into their objectives and goals when he or she decides to pursue a different path. Is not profitable for the company, as they lose money every time an associate decides to move on as facing discrimination or because they got bored.

Misanthropy as well certain sociopath tendencies could be developed by even the most sanest of the individuals, after being exposed to be happy whenever they are not; is not professionalism, any man or woman if they are having issues are entitled to grief them. They need to separate their lives, but they are entitled to be human and don't fake anything without losing money.

Go and watch in between the aisles, go as a customer and walk the different sections, beyond the smiles you can see through their kinesis that they are having some form of mild depression; is not about money, because if there is no security and the ability to move on, then there is nothing.

A postulate in economical theory, that revolves around psychology that if the company is owned by their employees, their employees will be happy because of the dividends. Money can create an ephemeral difference when the organizational environment. There are other points towards working on retail that you can see this theory, by observing the managers of the store, whenever an upper level supervisor will arrive, by attacking the lower level employees. All of this, due the status-quo and the inability of the managers to handle stress to the pressure of being uneducated, and being thrown into the outside world without any form of academic support, a valid academic support.

You can see the worse of people inside a supermarket not even on a shopping mall; a simple trip can be used to study the sociological aspect of consumers; a simple trip you can see how much people decide to throw the anger to the employees, and the employees not receiving any form of protection in order to satisfy the customers.

We will talk about a little bit more later. 

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