Sunday, June 22, 2014

How Immigrants Should Reject their Own Heritage and Language When They Move to The States

Lately people had been inspiring me to keep pushing forward, probably not in a good way, because their stupidity and lack of understanding towards global issues are my main motivations to be a better person and as well a citizen.

You can learn a lot by working in a supermarket, on a sociological point of view, you can learn that certain generations as well ideological groups don't see the plurality of what compose the United States, they don't see that the WASP population are just a mere invader, and the first ones here were the aborigines. In fact, that's the way we can classify the American English version as an syntactic invader.

There is no official language in the country, although English is the main used; even so, as a pluralistic nation, we are not a homogenic society. So, why to give up everything and become one of the many.? Is not a solution, albeit some people seem to enjoy denying who they are, and trying to make other people assimilate into becoming one of the hive.

In fact, for some people if we analyze the ethno-linguistic properties of their alpha culture, we realize that it could be difficult for them to learn a new language that doesn't look alike from their own, even if the migrate at a young age. We learn by simile if we see patterns we can create synopsis, otherwise learning a new language can be problematic.

Also, analyzing on a political point of view, not many people migrate beyond economical reasons, as the world socio-economical climate had been escalating with wars over the last half a century, many people have no choice but to flee or to die. The United States government offers free classes at several public schools around the States, all of them free of charges for adults and younger populations who want to continue their education as well to learn the language when they lack of financial resource.

The complexity of the topic goes beyond any political reason; because the problem doesn't even have to go on relinquish a persons heritage, or that other people have to adapt to them, the problem goes on the incredible racism and ethnophobia that is focused on the most politically conservator States, as well the even complex issue of how different minorities display hatred or discomfort towards each other.

Placing the English language, as a sole language in a hypothetical situation where people would be obligated to speak it anywhere and if they can't, the clerks shouldn't be able to reply back; could turn into a setback in an environment that globalization plays a key in the economy, being local or international. Yet, some people don't seem to realize, that in order to communicate better with different segments of the population, people with multilingual skills are always appreciate it, in order to break any cultural or linguistic barrier. 

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