Thursday, April 24, 2014

An Hypothetical Situation with A New Monetary System - A Big Epic BitCoin Fail

The idea of a decentralized monetary system could bring fear and disdain into the heart of the most conservative economist and statisticians. Hypothetically speaking centralizing a decentralized series of systems, is almost a an idea that is bring from science fiction. Ideally speaking, the centralized institutions are in the need of a reform in order to improve the system that'd placed millions into misery.

To analyze the tip of the iceberg is that if the world fully systematized and digitize money, will bring a catastrophe; as, every single storage system can be violated one way or the other; leaving the world into an economical chaos. Speaking on a psychological and sociological aspect, getting rid off the money and leaving people with plastic or Google Wallet will induce individuals, not to say that is not happening right now because is a fact. If there is going to be a collapse in the world with towards the economic system, it will be in a systematic attack to the different segments of the population who can not self-control. On a crazy science fiction world, if humanity is going to be "controlled" what a better way to do it through psychological means.?

In a worse case scenario, almost under a fascist idea; a not so brave new world could be done. The idea of exerting a monopoly, where the wealth is controlled through a big psychological experiment as well the world economies aren't far-fetched. People are subjugated to their emotions, and they can be impulsive, on a sales point of view, the example of Black Friday or Boxing Day around the world, where people go into a frenzy and they will go and buy everything they consider cheap.

Now, thinking that if different retails start accepting unregulated money it won't be a big issue itself, the point on this dichotomy goes that there is laundry money roaming around, but the part that can be a problem lays on the appropriation of the assets. A well skilled Trojan could create a money laundry scheme where the funds from different inversions will be send to one corporation; yet, this scenario seems the most innocent one.

The most cruel one and probably one that can happen easily, it is as hypothetically a company as Google with such control in communications, who also has an application as Google Wallet as the application is interconnected to the bank information of the customers. Google itself could easily drain billions of accounts and bring the world to an economical collapse, just by overriding the protocols of the different banks.

Virtual money is not a proper solution, it will be a fail, much as BitCoin has turned to be on the last 9 years, as there hasn't been a proper grow on the company due the lack of trust of investors; yet, due on every crisis, just as it happens a new system as well powers could be bring from the ashes, albeit it seems to be cyclical every other centuries between the same countries of the East and West. 

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