Friday, May 2, 2014

The Syntax of North Korea and Airstrip One

On a micro-scale based on mere observations as well reading the blatantly mis-information of the Rodong Sinmun, is almost as seeing an aspect of the Ministry of Love taken to life, where they instill love of the supreme leader, of the Big Brother into the peoples' mind. The speech has to make sense, the magnitude of the mental domination goes beyond generations, and the control is so great that history is re-written in order to keep the Ill-Un as heroes or Gods of the people.

The theocratic idea itself, it is not that weird to appear in the real world, as political leaders can overthrow the organized system in order to position themselves, almost on the borderline of a Messianic level. Political religion could be the best phrase to describe the theocratic concept organized in salvation to a group of family, or individual that is in the power. Much as it happens on Venezuela with the imagery of the late Hugo Chavez, who achieved in less time that the Ill-Un dynasty in three generations.

Historical revisionism has been a major player, as well crimes against the free think; is almost a crime to think different or otherwise you are sent to the reeducation camps or the room 101 in order to learn love the country as well the leader. The Ministry of Truth is probably one of the fictional examples that can be brought to the real world, in the situation of the Rodong Sinmum, the official newspaper of the party.

Rodong Sinmum  is a clear example on how the media can lose their voice and become a mere instrument of the party, it can happen anywhere, where the official source of communication can be used to justify and glorify the claims the party are making, even if they are just mere bullshit toward the progress of the country. Such as saying Fruit Trees on Thousands of Hectares but there is no direct information, to as who this program is going to be benefit for; where are going to be planted, jobs and what benefits the investment is going to have in the areas.

How to keep re-writing history.? How the lies keep getting perpetuated. The scenarios are not different between the countries. As in Korea, and in the Americas there are people dedicated just to modify or to avoid teaching them to new generations; yet, on a circumstantial level they vary according to the socio-political examples.

While in North Korea they are in the need to keep the cult of personality alive, and as that many citizens don't have access to Internet, they can't compare the truth that is sold by the government to the truth, to the different perspectives. That little but big point, is also happening on the educational system on North America, where national studies are being ignored in order to avoid offending people or avoiding a lawsuit, such as schools aren't studying on a critical level the ineptitude of the Republican Party since the fall of the Berlin Wall (i.e. The government of George Bush and how they perpetuated the war in Irak for economical interests) or how the congress and and the Obama administration aren't that different from their predecessors in order to keep the war going.

Not many people can say it out-loud, as re-indoctrination is inevitable to whoever dares to defy the status quo.  The Goldsteins and the Big Brothers keep the world order according to their own interests.

Yet, whoever dares to say, that this is just a way to keep the messianic imagery open and that there is nothing that is going to happen, that person is going to be executed. Much as it happened to Winston, where is death became on his persona after taken by O'Brien. That idea is not strange even in America, as the government itself has perpetrated some extreme racist stereotypes towards foreigners, and who ever dares to question that Freedom is not Free can be deprived of their liberty.

Maybe, the world has turned into a Ninety Eighty Four; as at least here in America we cannot question that "2+2=5". Far away from North Korea, Americans had found their own Ministries where they take the liberties away, as there is no need for people who can question that these war has become eternal, almost on a modern concept 60 years. The Cold War and World War 2 placed several Emmanuel Goldstein's on this side of the world as well quite a lot of Big Brothers.

The Big Brothers at least in North America, can be seen as the Bush and Clinton families, that had perpetuated the theocratic approach on what side of the coin to vote.? What is a vote.? What is a vote that at the end has no value because the coins have the same face. It is a sad reality, where the world is playing the same scenarios over and over, only with different puppets.

At the end war is just a business, and to who controls the power will have the adoration. How the Il-Jongs had perpetuated their power on such extreme.? With no fear of being overthrown; the answer is simple, mere manipulation through fear, cutting every single possible tie with the outside world and forfeiting technology that will allow people to wake up from their dream like state, as they need to be seen as godly image, but at the end even the gods fall.So as one day, when the theocratic cult that Kim Jong-un is surrounded by, breaks, it will be the beginning of a new era. 

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