Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Students Lag in Global Academic Ranking - The Problem is Not the American Idiot

Tampa, Fl --- Is not that students are stupid, it just that problem relies in there is no challenges in school, families don't incentive any intellectual aspects and Creationism is taught as a real science; sure, we can blame the government but let's blame also the religious influence, PR stints from "empty" shelf celebrities, trends and other idiotic behavior that are making this society worse and probably Florida even worsen.

OK, maybe we can blame the government, since more of the budget that could be destined to education as well arts is being invested in war and spying people for anything.

Recently released test results by the Program for International Student placed Floridians in a hot water towards math, science and reading. Maybe the problem the problem is not into preparing for the real world, because if we face what is on the real world your personality and look is what is count, anyone who is a high school drop out can end up working and becoming a retail manager just based on their looks and charisma.

Terry Boehm, President of the Pinellas Education Fund said that educators should prepare kids for what they want to do with the rest of their lives. It brings so many problems as it was said early, because the world is far more complex than what you can find in a classroom but in a classroom there could be the change that the State as well the country badly needs; because, there is human talent.

So what is the problem comes strictly from the classrooms.? The solution has to be to modify the curriculum that the students face it, make it more actual and modify the teaching methods to reach more people to achieve their potential through academic principles.

The Common Core Standards which have come under heavy fire for not creating more technical people, albeit supporters claim that is the opposite but yet it shouldn't be viable to measure the academic failures as well achievements with a standardized test as the populations of different countries tend to be heterogeneous and some other are more concentrated on being homogeneous.

So next time, don't feel you are stupid; maybe, you haven't reached your full potential. You probably will reach it one day and realize what you are capable of, probably it will never happen but never feel less, unless you believe that a race of reptilians control humanity. .

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