Sunday, December 15, 2013

An Open Letter to Bill Waterson


From Tampa, (Fl);

To Bill Watterson,

Dear Mr. Watterson, I don't know if you ever going to read this but a part of of me really wants to believe that maybe one day, with the power of the Internet this letter will reach to you.

It's been almost 20 years since the ending of Calvin and Hobbes, I used to read it when I was in my birth country; among, Peanuts your work was the other one that helped me to deal with loneliness as I could relate to Calvin and Hobbes as characters, as well to your line of work because not all comics strips (as well comic books) had a message and could make the reader think; I think the tradition will die when Garry Trudeau decide to end his strips anytime in the near future.

You were right Mr. Watterson it was right to retire at the moment, otherwise the impact that the strip had probably wouldn't be the same as it has been on the last 19 years; but as you said on the interview that you offered to Mental Floss "I suspect comics will have less widespread cultural impact and make a lot less money"; that is true on a certain extent but not fully, as the cultural impact of comics themselves is probably not anymore on the newspapers but on the Internet in the webcomic format.

,Mr. Watterson your legacy is still on, and it keeps inspiring a lot of newcomers to do venture on their comics in a freelance matter, using the vast internet hosting servers. I dream not far away in the near future to leave a little legacy of my own in the world, but first I want to go back to school and finish the first segment of what I want to achieve with my education as well to get the tools that will help me professionally. It scares me but I am not fearful, it makes me happy that I can do it.

Bill, I hope life there in the North had been amazing, thank you very much for everything, even if it was a little piece in a moment of time.

Thank you,

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