Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Working alongside my Disabilities

 Short entry today, at least short entry for the day.

Somedays is easier, somedays is harder. Today has been easier, walking has become an issue as time pass by, speaking has become another issue - I can't really speak for around 20 minutes during lectures without gasping for air - For some reason the memories of Yolanda saying I was lazy comes through my head over and over when I have a flare. "Weird" how it was valid when she had it while been alive but I wasn't allowed because I was young. -

Today has been easier, with time has been easier, I can't see myself working in retail as I used to; it was already difficult without any accommodations, plus working a job that is not unionized as a main source of income is not an option anymore.

Same in my current position, I am happy here, I been happier where I work because I get threated as a human being instead of a product and I don't see myself going back to retail again. I am in my little happy place, enjoying the morning and knowing I can adapt to my surroundings without feeling less human. 

Learning and studying constantly have become a joy, being alive has become one joy even with the difficulties.

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