Saturday, September 22, 2018

A Year in Cosplay Part 3

At this moment, it has been a year for me going to the comic book conventions; each one of them is a complete different world from one another and every year even the experience is completely different. One goal that I have for my second year is to create a full line-up for the conventions that I am going, so far my I have a few choices such as Sans from Undertale, Morty, Evil Morty and to do something steampunk along with Deadpool, I still have until May to decide what I want to do and how much I want to invest.

My yearly cycle ended with Mega Con Tampa which was the first one I went for the full duration mostly because I wanted to see Stan Lee and also to learn more of the experience. It has been an interesting year going through the different ones as I saw that each con has their own set of rules but also it attracts different set of people.

You can find different cosplayers going to i.e. Tampa Bay Comic Con from what you see in Metro Con and Mega Con Orlando, so if you are going to take photos you have one chance only to request them as cosplayers go on a limited time and much of the time they only have their cosplays for a certain time of the day before they change to another.

Depending on the area, vendors will usually go to the same cons, some vendors are only found on convention grounds and they do not offer their services outside the events, which is good to keep their business cards as they can always become handy if you are looking to update items on your cosplay or to purchase something in particular.

There are plenty of Cons in Florida all year long, I think the last big one is on December 14th and that is Holiday Matsuri in Orlando which it will be the first year I am going and I honestly don't know what to expect, but after going to 10 in the last 12 months I learned which one is my favorite, which one I can take better photos, which ones I am going for the full duration or other ones I am going exclusively for the panels.

Metro-Con so far has been my favorite ever in Central Florida, is just perfect on terms of fan approaching, you have amazing cosplayers everywhere, the hosts walk among everyone, you can take photos with them in the hallways; the panels incredible and the shows the cosplayers put on every corner are worthy for the photos but also entertainment.

Price wise Metro Con is probably the best one in terms of being budget friendly, since autographs do not cost (I don't know if rules will change next year) guests usually sign the merchandise you buy from them, they don't charge for photos either, the vendor's hall is small but has a good selection and is not limited only to the vendor's room as you can find some other vendors around the convention center.

Metro also is the only one that has a Maid's Cafe in all the Tampa scene, which adds an extra value and from what I heard the food in the cafe is really tasty and affordable, I am definitively buying it for next year as I missed this year because of doubts as if I was going to like it but after talking with the maids and reading the reviews I realized I made a mistake so I postpone it as I also never been to a maid's cafe before.

There is nothing much I can say, but next year I am going to write a series of entries towards each convention and each entry will be based on the days I am going. Thank you for reading me and I hope you have a nice day also.

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