Saturday, March 3, 2018

Bullet Hell by RichaadEB Album Review

Bullet Hell Cover 
I haven't played any games of the Touhou Project or as is known in the West Project Shrine Maiden; the only reference I had from the game itself where so videos a former co-worker showed me around 4 years ago about this new game that he was keen to play, but it never got my attention. 

Without knowing and almost four years I found myself appealed by a musician named RichaadEB  and his metal covers, but also his different adaptation towards Eurobeats, video games music and collaborations with other musicians such as Family Jules and Jonathan Young; his channel got my attention by mere accident after finding a cover of Super Mario RPG around 2013 but it wasn't until 2016 where I finally subscribed after listening to a cover of the Theme of Schala of Chrono Trigger.

During the last year, Richaad uploaded covers of the Shrine Maiden, some of them got my attention but I never imagined it was the same game series my co-worker used to speak about; I enjoyed some of the ones I was able to listen during my break time and the power chords with the upbeat tempo got my attention.

I got the album two weeks ago, when he first announced without realizing the inspiration, I opted to bought as I was already a fan of his work and I started to listen Bullet Hell. The different images the sound made me imagine where towards a battlefield in which cute girls battle a mystical evil; it made me imagine scenarios that could be found in series such as Puella Magical and Sailor Moon, but mixed with the Saga of Tania the Evil.

An epic fantasy in which Metal plays a quintessential part of the storytelling, and let epic battles that involve magic and cute magical girls; but, what is the most amazing aspect of the album is the skills RichaadEB to create something charming and compelling, to make someone who never heard about Touhou Project fully until this day, to feel mesmerized for the music and the journey that Bullet Hell takes.

The jewel of this album is track 14, Bad Apple which it closes the entire journey with Christina Vee's voice, it totally sounds amazing as the production gives a fresh air to the song and to someone who never heard about Bullet Hell it will be something fresh as well a neat introduction to Metal.

If you want to purchase the physical copy of the album you may click here and even request any special signed message, which I did as I requested an interpretation of Richaad's cat Kocha, been asleep while wearing a Cappy and as an extra bonus I got his cat barking also.

Thank you for reading me.

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