Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What I love about USA

There will be always love no matter what
(6/13/2016) --- I can't sleep or focus at this moment, it makes me think about escaping violence to keep finding it; I am writing this after a friend of mine suggested to write something positive (Angela, thank you) after so many negative events.

I was born in a society that didn't valued individuality, it was much of the enviroment I grew up in. I value a lot that I can be an individual here in the country but at the same time I hate being punished by who I am, that there are no laws that protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation and identity.

It is a sad scenario but is a reality it needs to change; what I love about being here is that I can express my free speech, I can write, I can enjoy my life --- yet, I still fear, we still fear. We shouldn't fear, we shouldn't fear a radical dogmatism (call it whatever you want to call it, but violence through religion is still violence regarding if you are Christian, Jew, Muslim or whatever), there is a liberty, a beautiful liberty that is not seen anywhere else and I love that. I do not want to live with the fear I was living in Colombia.

I love to pass by and see different people, talk with everyone. I love to go to the grocery store, to the electronic store and see a different scenario what I saw growing in Cartagena, I love to see people of different creed and origins. I love having friends vastly differently from my own self, I love going and sit in a coffee store without fear of the organized crime. I love just enjoying some peace and tranquility and I know people enjoy that too, some peace and tranquility.

There are so many aspects I do enjoy about living here, I do not want anyone to live in fear or to live knowing that there are people hating them, There are many things I enjoy besides food, I love going to a theme park and spend my day doing nothing, I love going on road trips and knowing the roads are safe. I love road trips a lot even if they are just to Orlando - which is not far away -, and go to Universal and to any event in that city, even to Saint Petersburg which is the closest city.

I know there is not a perfect road on the struggles of getting a better life, that the system is neither perfect; there are always going to be struggles to get equality done, not only for the community but for everyone who is being diminished as a second class citizens.

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