Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Different Layers of the Closet

The metaphor of being trapped someplace, can scare anyone. The ego can be your own worst enemy, as well the fear of rejection.

Sometimes we hesitate about ourselves, we lack of the locus of control to keep fighting forward, we simply leave everything behind.

The closet can be a very lonely, no matter if it's surrounded by people, at the end those people are just layers of clothing that sometimes just cover the loneliness.

The step that many of you, us, we, have to take out to be happy always comes with a price. The fear of rejection, that many doesn't want to face in their lifetime because they don't want to lose something.

It's what we can call, based on an anime named Fullmetal Alchemist The Law of Equivalent Exchange which in other words means, every action creates a rebound.

The fear of losing your family, the fear of losing the little you have, it can develop a toxic relation with everything that surrounds you, and comes the idea of what to do to being happy.?

There are many doors to open, many layers and outfits you can try before discovering, which one fits you the best. There are many combinations you can try, sometimes some people won't find them, won't even see it, and will go on the streets pretending.

Some of the layers, come with the stigma, they are being broken and the paradigms of discrimination towards what you wear, that reflect your personalities are being accepted, that the world is not filled with white and black outfits but there is a bunch of colors in the spectrum.

Some people will never realize the words "self-acceptation", they will live in the shadows. Maybe is the fear of risk also,? rejection is also a part, but also is self-realization.

How do you know your own self.? That is a question, that beyond the cheap internet phrases from Paulo Coelho and some other self help authors, it goes into a metaphysical level, it can be answered just by the act of living and learning.

Just live and get out from your comfort zone, without doing anything stupid. Know a little bit of other realities than yours, learn what is happening in the community, even so read a book or travel around your city. You will live a little bit more just by knowing, and when you know what is happening around you, then you will know what is happening to you, and discover a solution to your inner questions.

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