Friday, March 30, 2012

99 Problems Diaspora

The problem with rap music it's credibility, it the basic essence of the problematic diaspora of the African-American centrism; where, because of the matriarchal society and not difficult life around a government where much of the time neglects basic cares and try to settle everything by money created a margin in a society where men and woman are required to make it and keep it real. Probably the epitome of the problematic ideological diaspora in the black community it's in the hands of the moguls such as Jay-Z and DJ Run who tried and keep trying to keep it real but they fail because they keep talking about the common majority problems but they can't relate to them because they succeed in a world where many black Americans don't venture, the corporate world.

99 Problems it is probably the most narcissistic song ever because it glorifies misogynistic attitudes that are a problematic in the African-American community as well something it shouldn't be exposed as a positive example, because it's not. Jay-Z should think twice because he probably should have 2 bitches by now, his wife Beyonce and his daughter Blue, so maybe at the time the song was written Beyonce was the bitch and probably problem number one hundred.

Woman violence as well a dysphoria between the genders has become a major problem as the women movement and the incursion in the workforce mixed along with some attitudes that many people can't leave behind put the problem on a bigger scale as well the lack of the ability of the masses to differentiate what is only a trend between what is a real problem and not emulate what it is in the media; that's the key of the problem and one of the many 99 problems that are related to the mass media and the lack of education and culture between the people who absorb these mass produced products, the problem is even greater beyond ethnic groups; as,  the 99 problems that can be related to women violence are related to cultural and family attitudes regarding where you are.

Personally, I would critique Jay-Z for creating such a song, with such an awful message specially because he should set the example as an African-American man in power as well a family man and younger generations will try to emulate him if they see who is he beyond his career that became less real and more surreal.

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