Thursday, December 16, 2021

New Donk Architectonical and Small Social Analysis

I've been enjoying Mario Odyssey because it is such a beauty masterpiece towards details that borderline in nostalgia for older Millennial's and individuals who value retro gaming; albeit, for me the enjoyment with the game is the small details to everything - why I am saying this? - The game is a visual delight that has influences on fashion and architecture, the game is a lovely piece of art that is interesting to analyze from different perspectives because it is wonderful and enriching.

New Donk City - Metro Kingdom - is probably in my opinion one of the most amazing levels in any Mario games, but at least for me the best level is Bowser's Kingdom because it's simply spectacular and visually stounding that portraits the Edo Period and is like walking in a small piece of interactive art albeit the Metro Kingdom has that 1980's and 1950's nostalgia that reflects in the inside advertisement, the incorporation of Pauline and brief cameos of the Donkey Kong Family

I like to think as New Donk (Metro Kingdom) is as Manhattan, it does look as the main economic hub of the planet where the different kingdoms are located. Much like the real Manhattan, the Metro Kingdom seems to be an epicenter of the different cultures that surround it but opposite to the real NYC, Metro Kingdom borderlines much on the sci-fi The World Inside  with the idea of tall structures that could shelter an entire group of population without even the necessity of going to the lower levels

The urban landscape of Metro Kingdom is extremely similar to Manhattan, not only in the design of the buildings which mimics splendly the different New York styles but also it contains the Art Deco and the emergency stairs that are located in the turn of the century buildings. Much like Manhattan the streets in Metro are East to West and there is one big avenue that goes North to South which all the streets have references to the Donkey Kong Family, there are plenty of business and fashionable stores that also mimic old school Nintendo games and characters.

Much like the real New York, there is a plenty of good amount of bagel stores, fashion (who all seem to be set with business suits) entertainment and outside recreation within the use of green spaces. There is a lot to do within the city/ kingdom and the detail is so amazing because there are even the yellow cabs that are part of the imagery of NYC.

One of the main characteristics of Manhattan are the large numbers of office buildings which is what essentially the kingdom forms about the entirety of the skyline; albeit it makes me wonder if there is also a Lower and Midtown Metro Kingdom, since is a city that is wide an open; but much like the real Manhattan, the New Donk City Hall pays homage to the Chrysler Building and the Art Deco details.

Other architectural landmarks include Rockefeller Center (begun 1931), a group of more than 20 lofty buildings; Madison Square Garden Center (1968), containing a noted sports arena; UN headquarters (1947–53); and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, a complex of several theaters. Also of interest are City Hall (1802–11), a Federal-style building with French Renaissance detail; the tall Woolworth Building (1913), with Gothic-style detail; the Seagram Building (1958), an office tower clad in bronze and bronze-colored glass; and Grant’s tomb (1897), the sepulcher of President Ulysses S. Grant and his wife. In the 1980s, a number of innovative skyscrapers, such as the IBM and AT&T buildings, and the World Financial Center were constructed, and in 1986 the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Midtown, near the Hudson R., was opened. Manhattan also is known for its many large residential buildings. Among its many notable religious structures are Saint Patrick’s Cathedral (1879; towers, 1888), the seat of the Roman Catholic archdiocese of New York; Trinity Church (1697, rebuilt 1846); the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine (begun 1892; towers still incomplete), the largest Gothic-style cathedral in the world; and Riverside Church (1930), another large Gothic-style structure.

Residential areas mimic quite well the real world, there are different species around; since it's a game it doesn't really focus on the segregation or demographic per se, a lot of the other species seem to go to the different kingdoms to explore and do business; albeit seeing with detail there is some form of multiculturalism that is inside the Metro Kingdom whenever the place goes back to normal is probably one of the most interesting places around the game

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