Saturday, June 5, 2021

What ever Happened to Chris Hutka The Bear?

A friend of mine introduced me to The Bunny The Bear group, reason was "I call my husband the bear (like the slang for big, hairy guy) and for some reason that stuck to that friend of mine who about a year later send me out of nowhere the music video Aisle which was my first exposition to The Bunny The Bear and it hook me up.

I will talk the little bit I found out online about the group and the evolution on the sound, and essentially is the brainchild of Matthew Tybor (The Bunny) from arrangements to everything and it follows an experimental path and a rotative line-up that change certain amount of years. As the first Bear (Chris Hutka) there has been several over the years, which probably has let more options to experiment towards music as every single bear had a different key and way of singing.

It was Chris Hutka who got my attention, not because I enjoy tall big, hairy guys (which maybe I am a chaser but it also goes on the aesthetic) but because his voice had that falsetto, high keys that are somewhat popularized with Adam Levine but Chris voice wasn't forced as Adam, almost as a polyvox but also his stage presence as I can't really think of many mainstream musicians who fit in to a bear archetype taking out any who play on the queercore circles.

I haven't contacted Matthew Tybor (The Bunny) because from what I read online, there was some of rift and I respect the privacy of the individuals, but what baffles me is that essentially there is nothing of Chris Hutka, there are some traces of Instagram, the Twitter accounts I found seem to be abandoned by almost a decade, Facebook accounts seem to be inactive, there aren't any recent Youtube videos of any of his accounts by almost 9 years as well and there aren't news of him at all.

 Talking about videos, I found two; the first one is somewhat sad because as far I seen that's Chris and Hayley (one of the Bears) appearing on Jerry Springer around 2 years ago, the episode is still online and is somewhat of a mess to watch because there are two talented people acting like buffoons even with all their talent, is somewhat cringe to see it.

The second video is also recently where Chris is singing a cover by Saosin, but beyond that there is nothing else that is recently, which is almost as an enigma because there is nothing at all, like he vanished from face of the universe, especially on these days that is easy to track people due the influence of social media. I am curious because I rarely stumble in to something as this where trying to find information about the artist is difficult but I assume not impossible, and the last piece of professional information comes from Wikipedia that states that Hutka was going to release an LP on 2017 but it seems it never came.


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  1. He was living down the street from me on Napoleon in a duplex across from green Meadows he was letting cats die of starvation I'd pick up cats which there stomachs imploded because they had died and melted into the carpet while he was doing heroin/fetty Suboxone strips being so fucked up he smelled like a dirty asshole I was trying to be a good friend cause he had no food and felt bad for his little girl Luca it was so sad he's a very phony person he had a baby with Hayley and is back in Buffalo


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