Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Sadness of the Perfect Selfie - Instagram Reasoning

There is nothing more depressing in the digital world than a perfect selfie. People just sit on the edge, and take photos of themselves. Over and over, thousands of self-portraits, everyone is trying to create the perfect image, while in the inside they have nothing to say, or even show some interesting value in a conversation.

People are just boring sometimes, the newer generations are showing levels of vanity, that can be traced to an uncontrollable narcissism. Who want's to fake a fucking smile on every photo,? show that their lives are perfect, people who are living inside a dream and delusional fantasies of self-absorbed thoughts.

It's almost as an attention whore mentality, everything they do has to be recorded, just to cover the emotional void that is absorbing their lives.

Why to expose yourself in underwear to the rest of the world,? or in a bikini.? No one beyond the fuck fantasy will like you, those little comments that will tell you how good you look won't take away the fact that you have an intellectual deficit as well as an emotional one, as you aren't able to stay within a relationship or with a small circle of friends.

It doesn't matter how much approval you seek, your insecurities can be seen afloat and you will always feel less, physically and emotionally.

There is one sad aspect of the perfect selfie,and that is you can see people on the lowest point; because, one selfie has 20 or 40 other behind just to achieve that perfection. 

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