Saturday, September 28, 2013

Why a Barilla Boycott won't Work in the United States

Barilla meme
Tampa, (Fl) -- I am going to be concrete, a boycott against Barilla won't be as effective as many people think; and, the reason is on the low prices of the pasta.

Why the low prices of the pasta.? The answer relies on the fact that almost on every single weekend newspaper around the United States have coupons for the Barilla brand that goes between US¢.55/2 and even so far US$1.00 pero box not to mention that several stores around the United States offer coupons that would leave the boxes almost on US¢19 per box which is a deal, a deal when someone is hungry won't refuse so easily.

I know that the machismo in Italy is not something to be proud and the link between this attitude and the "stereotypical" macho attitudes because of the patriarchal approach that is linked with the imagery of the national religion imagery where men are kings, women are just household items and kids are to please their parents.

I don't know how much the boycott is going to work in Italy itself after the comments of Barilla CEO Guido Barilla, but in North America where people can get pasta at a really low price before thinking of the message that their food is produced, there are going to be some minor setbacks on a national level for the organizers of the boycott because you can't deal with hunger and politics.

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