Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How Apple Inc. Will Fall and How Google and Virgin will Rise

Tampa, Fl -- The dead of Steve Jobs probably foresaw the beginning of the end to the computer giant Apple Inc because the problematic that is with Apple regards that they have a great marketing technique to push and create fidelity into the minds of people but the concept of originality had become stall due the simple reason that their entire base of products are just a mere repetition of the OS X on different devices without offering something new since the launching of the iPhone almost a decade ago but they keep offering exclusivity regard their high prices of their mobiles and computers.

Exclusivity and high prices can become a problem of a company on a long term, even if the revenues and gross incomes are on an estimate of US$156 billions if they don't change their game plan by the next ten years and due the strings of world wide recessions not many people will be able to afford the products they are offering. The key relies not on exclusivity and creating smooth designs that will appeal to a small segment of the population but to diversify and make the exclusivity available to the masses.

iPhone 3
In essences the iPhone is the same thing no matter what version it is; the technical capabilities are the only differences between the sixth different generations and nothing else. Price rounds the same but the magic that the phone had when it was launched on 2007 as not many companies carried touch-screen phones that shared an interface with other products of their company; the idea was revolutionary as for the first time the public could have their iTunes on the palm of their hands but the magic has since been broken because other companies such as T-Mobile, Verizon and Virgin just to name a few are giving to the masses what is going to be Apple's Inc. demise, the technology the public wants on a low and affordable price and Virgin Inc is probably the one world wide who is giving that to the users.

Virgin Logo
Is true that the British with their little piece of land had found to create multiple revolutions over the year, they are in the process of creating another one and that is the revolution of breaking a brand's fidelity on a long term in order to execute their own monopoly and big names with electronics as well software they should be aware that nothing last forever if you can't appeal to the general masses instead of a small segment.

Recently I had the chance to go to Best Buy, I didn't bought anything I went there to observe their mobile spot and Apple's rented space next to it. From the four days I went in between 12PM and 8PM I never saw more than two people buying a new cellphone or a laptop opposite to the families gathered around the island. Why.? Why the families can't afford an iPhone or a powerhouse Mac.? Simple, they are expensive and Virgin offers the idea of Smartphones on a really cheap price because they are aware that a family of four or a single individual with a median income of US$20.000 can't afford an expensive item but yet they are willing to pay for affordable versions such as Androids.

The problem with business is the idea of diversification to keep customers satisfy or find marketing strategies to boost the sales of an old idea; Steve Jobs created the customers demand in such an elegant way by saying "if you don't have it then you are out." Simple words to talk about fashion and modes because with those words he created the hype of the phones but we don't have to think outside the United States soil, Apple's biggest competition is Google not even Microsoft because Google has more exposition on a daily basis than Microsoft due their hit with the customers beyond their Apps, easy navigational interface to find information as well a virtual store that has the same idea and accessible to more customers due the reason they are on cheaper phones and by default more users and thus a big margin in revenues.

Apple Inc. has to realize that is the key of survival beyond positioning the brand on the collective of the world is to re-position their marketing strategy and achieve a smoother transition beyond their segmented group of shoppers.

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