Monday, November 5, 2012

Open Letter: The Populist Movements Around the Americas and an Unbalanced Check of Powers

The situation that scares me the most is not related to which man wins the Presidential Election of 2012, the situation that scares me the most are the focus of the political groups who will have a complete dominion over the politics of the country and will leave the balance of checks in a lose-lose situation as it has been in the last 3 terms. About 5 years ago when I was in school a professor who dictate Colombian Law 101 said that - Politics are cyclical and right now the phenomenon of the populist movements it is raising slowly on South America and  in the next ten years these ultra conservator but yet plutocratic movements are going to spread everywhere in the continent in different fashions and when the populist movement hit the United States then we are going to be screwed .-

At first I though he was referring to only Chavez and Fidel but as the years passed his words always kept striking my head and memories because what he said was right, populist movements come in different envelopes and in the case of the United States it goes with the face of the  Tea Party Caucus which at glance they look only a bunch of conservator who trash everything that is not on their side but when you inspect the rhetoric of the party are not different from the right-wing plutocratic ideas of Fidel and Chavez which they promote protection of the freedom but at the end they are just a group who tries to appropriate the wellness of a country by any-mean.

People identify socialism with a really biased concept of the pre-wall Soviet Union, people tend to speak out loud without even reading or identifying different sources and they speak without even analyzing their words, that's my worst fear as a communicator, a fear which encompass a mass that has no clue what they are saying because they cannot think beyond the interest of the formal and informal opinion leaders of their communities; the concept people have about socialism at least in the United States from what I've seen by mere observation is annexed mostly to communism but yet Americans in general they don't think of any concept or scenario beyond their territorial borders unless it is shown on the news.

There has to be a major update in the constitution as the law is to fragile regarding social and economical contemporary issues but overall there has to be a major revamp on how we educate younger generations in order that they can think beyond what families and social groups say about how life has to be. Probably the problem is radicalized on the binary component of the democratic process because of the tradition only two parties seem to have validance on what to say around the motherland but yet it can be used in order to favor any politic or amendment with a religious overtone in order to favor your image or personal interest. My fear with Romney is all that yet is not with Romney himself as with the people who wants him in the Office, my fear lies the noneducational literary aspects and lack of attention to research further about a man who is not different from the political scum of Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador and the Middle East the only difference is he wears a tie and looks presentable but his rhetoric's' change every time he address his followers, is not a sign of evolution, is a sign of weakness as the man cannot keep his own ideas straight, he is not even representing on what I sense the Mormon community, as Mitt shows only his arrogance and lack of interest in the community at the moment he open his mouth, yet he keeps saying a five point plan to create 12 million jobs, there is one big problem with those 12 million jobs, they can't satisfy the demand for middle uneducated class who live by manual labor and yet of 300 million who live in the United States, the 47% are encompass in those numbers and creating 12 million jobs who are going to be full and part time is just an unrealistic expectation because the economy is cyclical and also in the States it is centralized on the bureaucratic rats of Wall-Street but it is more unrealistic that people who are supporting him think he is right and he is not, from all the intellectuals who are in more capacity in the GOP to be a Commander-In-Chief put Romney on the map, but it could be worse as Michelle Bachmann could be the one competing with Obama.

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