Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Online Lessons by Mere Observation to Youtube Musician and Content Creators

Recently I've been following and being active again on different online communities at least on my spare time, for a long time now I been following two musicians in Youtube but also their Twitters, I am not going to mention any of their names as I am just a small time blog and I have no necessity of attracting unwanted drama or attention because by watching the two musicians interacting with their fans, with the communities they created I learned how much you can influence creating a positive enviroment or a toxic one.

Musician A as we are going to call the first one and Musician B as we are going to call the second; also A and B are males, they are on their mid twenties but one lives in England and the other one in the United States.

A is from the United States, he's been around Youtube since 2009 but his current channel has been active since 2011 and some of his videos from 2009 are still active; he mostly focus on covers but on some occasions he has collaborated  with B and B has wrote songs to him, one song in particular has been a hit on almost every comic book convention A has been.

A is extremely approachable to his fans, also he is quite genuine as the way he shows himself online is the way he is in person. Also the online community he has created is extremely welcoming and I had made quite a few friends, even on his Twitch sessions there are many sweet people to talk while he plays and his wife on some occasions joins also not only in the chat but in the stream.

B is on the other side of the world, he is in England, he is probably the best lyricist and content creator towards animation, his content towards music is just incredible, there hasn't been someone has B in a long time; his music is original, it fits on the nerd-core genre but also as pro-metal and the lyrics are extremely rich but also they follow a pop pattern which appeals to many people.

His online presence is a disaster, from the marketing and public relations perspective is a mess, every 2 months he updates his logo or deletes his current logo, change it into something that has no association with his own brand and whenever he uses social media he displays some narcissistic tendencies by inciting pity parties and making himself look like a victim after harassing any other content creator he dislikes or by spewing some racist, homophobic or transphobic speech and then saying he is being attacked because he hasn't say anything wrong.

The key on this entry is how an online presence can position you as a brand but also create exposition, also if you are wondering why I am not showing any proof of image by editing the names the answer is simple, because I do not want to turn this into a drama and I am sure nobody would read this anyway as I been mostly writing this for myself and is mostly an entry to create notes towards public relation cases that I can experience on a personal basis.

Problems with B on a long term involves that the moment his fans stop buying his pity party as well when his own actions on social media destroy his career but also will drag almost anyone who had direct contact with him towards his products. Some people would think that B has some mental issues but I don't believe there aren't besides some narcissism,

From a perspective of handling image, probably the best goal for B is to get someone who will handle his online persona as well his Twitter account but also in general to orient him towards what to do and what to say when he is facing his fan, because the same speech and patterns keep repeating and he keeps fostering fame towards being a victim and that's an act that not many people will buy it for too long.

A on the other hand is the antithesis of B, nice with his demeanor's, he is authentic as the viewers get what the see online as in real life, I had followed his career for a long time and I can't really find anything negative, even his Patreon account is accessible on rewards to anyone who wants to help him, which is a positive reinforcement to attract more financial support but also to create more steady public and fidelity to his own brand.

I always believe that B could learn from A a lot, mostly on how to interact with people but also how to take care of his persona because no matter how good your product is, if you have a shitty personality people eventually will stop paying attention to you.