Monday, September 3, 2018

Doki Doki Forever! (MALE VERSION)

I had re-written this several times, mostly because I took to find the voice of this entry, but also because it's the first time in a long time that I see an audiovisual product that reach me as an invidual, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have some sort of sequel of Doki Doki Literature but with a queer ensemble of characters that could reflect the realities of what many LGBTA+ people face on constant basis.

The video itself follows the same premise as Doki Doki Forever, but taking the spin with male protagonist who aren't necessarily macho and reflect a more fluid approach towards gender role, but also there are hints the protagonist is not female but rather another male who the literature club if seeking after.

The cute behavior but as well some of the body language, mostly related to the Natsuki counterpart when he is looking at the snack table give an idea about the queer normative the four main characters express on their individuality, albeit if we take the same context of the Doki Doki main story and apply it with a narrative  we see some issues that gay men face, especially femme acting one.

Suicide is the main cause of death within the gay community and depression is seen on almost every single individual, eating problems but family relations tend to suffer because of the interaction between parents and children (can go between bulimia and anorexia, binge eating just to name a few) in which the children are the first ones to suffer due the psychological abuse of the parents.

Probably Doki Doki, wouldn't be a good example as on the ultimate end the four main characters express some sociopath behavior towards the protagonist in which every single one of them, want to the protagonist for themselves but you as the player you can see through the interaction that none of the girls had a nice family life and that can translate also into abuse to others (remember not everyone reacts the same and acts the same)

There is nothing much I can write for now, I honestly got quite emotional writing this but I didn't wanted to make it academically.