Saturday, June 30, 2018

Zelda and Elder Scrolls

With the announcement of the Elder's Scrolls six and the release of Breath of the Wild last year, and the release of Elder's Scrolls Skyrim almost a decade ago, we are on one of those times where two influential franchises will have games in the market. The questions are do Bethesda and Nintendo would be able to create different products that would shape the trend in gaming? and Bethesda would be able to create a new Elder Scrolls that is going to influence future Nintendo products such as it was the case of Breath of the Wild.

There's always some form of synergy between the different companies; Breath of the Wild being the first game of Zelda that was open to exploration but the second to be non-linear, only surpassed by A Link Between Worlds. Elder Scrolls for decades main characteristics have been related that is settled in a fantasy world named Tamriel, there is a chosen protagonist that can be costumed setup, opposite to Zelda in which Link already has a preset image as he is the mascot of the game.

I am quite excited for Elder's Scrolls 6 up to the point that I been playing Oblivion and Morrowind, just to recoup the idea of what is to be back on Tamriel. I played for a while the online version but it wasn't the same, it simply lack of the magic, it was mostly as if the player was obligated to do the missions so he can advance, instead of letting the player venture at their own risk of finding an area with an upper level than his.

The games in terms of story development can be restricting as you are subjected to be bounded in areas, even if you can go an venture and the games level to your level there are still enemies who can bound you to one location until you level up; but, the breakthrough on the development comes that the story is not set to go to one temple or the other, that you can breath freely and go as far your abilities let you or if you are like me your stealth level.

Exploring the scenarios and town is amazing on any of the franchise, exploring the post apocalyptic Hyrule it was a dream come true, albeit it would be fun to explore Hyrule much as we could explore Tamriel, to see the different towns, speak with people and learn about the different lore and what interpretations are towards Hylia just as an example.

I am curious for the next installment of the Elder's Scroll s, but there isn't enough information, for the look on the screenshots I can assume it could be located on the Aldemeri Empire just by the geography surroundings or it could be on High Rock, is difficult to pin point but we can notice that is not in the inner parts of the land but yet, is not about the location but what the game will give to the players that the others hasn't, it's going to be back to Arena? Is difficult to know, but it has to depart from the same formula, it has to learn from Breath of the Wild and not to be surrounded in the comfort that brings money because it's trendy and people generate false expectations.

Replay value I hope that is highly considered, after Skyrim and spending around 390 hours on my PS3, Elder's Scrolls 6 has to be perfect in every way, it has to offer something spectacular; it doesn't really need to offer anything new, but it has to impress with the storytelling, to find a voice that can tell an epic.

Maybe I can dream a little bit, either way I can't wait to play the new ES game.