Friday, June 8, 2018

The Great Diamond Authority: There were more Diamonds in the Past

The more I read about Steven Universe, my fascination gets sparked to limits that I never had before towards a television show (maybe with the Simpsons until season 12) as there hasn't been another television show in quite a while that presents a rich vibrant city, complex characters but also that the mythos around the show takes several layers and probably won't be ever explained; this lead me to think after watching the episode A Single Pale Rose that on a certain point, eons before the actual timeline there were more diamonds.

Why I do believe there were more diamonds? Because of the revelation in the Moon Base, where it was mentioned that at the moment of the construction 43 planetary bodies and two star systems where colonized; probably after 10,000 years the number duplicated but it's difficult to confirm as no further episodes has showed any probability after Pink's Rebellion the gems continued to expand their empire, albeit it has been mentioning around the series that Homeworld is lacking of resource leading me to believe that after a certain X event before the timeline, the first incarnation of the Diamond Authority got decimated and White Diamond became the last one.

The X event I am assuming could be related to the resource on the planetary system that Homeworld is located became devastated by a natural phenomenon that essentially decimated the gem population and the first incarnation of the Authority; why I am saying this? Because the designs and sizes of Yellow and Blue versus White, are extremely different, a previous generation of Diamonds that had more power than the one Yellow and Blue had, which I am even thinking that there were other Yellow's and Blue's at a certain point, which can be seen on how the thrones vary versus their sizes.

We can also think, depending on the cut of the gem, size can be altered but also by production, newer generations lack of the skills such as metamorphosis that previous ones had but also size tends to be altered; albeit, let's not go far away, why do I mention that the Great Diamond Authority had more members in the past? Because it's difficult for a race that are essentially parasites and feed on resources of star systems to only be managed by one leader; then it made me wonder who created the Diamonds? But who created White Diamond?

There has to be a race that managed to create the gems as a labor force, as White Diamond couldn't had created herself due the reason there is a technological process to bring new gems to life in facilities called Kindergarten, so who created the Homeworld? Did it created itself out of chaos or there was another power that be, that influenced on the shape of the Gem society.

It's difficult to see the Diamonds as mere Goddesses, omnipotent beings with such much power but yet they are like any other gems. So in theory Eons ago, the first generation of gems had a different set of diamonds besides White, it wouldn't be strange because the color of different gems could be associated with their respective diamond, as Yellow's Pearl for example; in another case we have Emerald whose green color could indicate she could had served another Diamond that long ago was shattered and subsequently she was inherit by Yellow and Blue.

Pink Diamond being the newest suggest that a) Diamonds take a lot of resource and B) Being herself also a fancy color diamond just like White could be that they are rare and more powerful than Yellow and Blue; but as Pink was referred as the newest  that gives the interpretation at a certain point the Great Diamond had more members, but after Pink's deflection to stay on her colony no more diamonds where created, which it means that Authority has control towards the means of production and destroy any possible replacement so they won't have to experience sorrow or anger again.