Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Problem with Pink Diamond

(5/09/2018) I've been a fan of Steven Universe probably since the end of the first season, but on the process of recovering from the process of coming out I lost for a long time the habit of writing, I used to write about television shows, politics and indie entertainment, the process has been slow but some old habits and hobbies are coming back.

After watching a Single Pale Rose episode, the whole complexity character of Rose Quartz gets revealed but also it takes away the heroic figure and place her more on an anti-hero light but also it resolves issues towards her past and why the rebellion started.

Going into the past we can see the character two persona's as an evolution or growth towards maturity and acceptance that life is far more complex than is presented at the moment we are born, we can see a Pink Diamond in Jungle Moon acting on her own emotions as if she was a child or a teenager that was looking for some form of independence.

She eventually obtained what she wanted, she obtained her own colony and her own Pearl which eventually became her confidant, but at that same point in her life she started to appreciate the life on planet Earth and she had the desire to be free from her position of authority, in the process that's where everything turned apart; if you follow the series you can see Pink Diamond as a juxtaposition of what was Rose in terms of altruism versus selfishness.

Before becoming Rose, Pink had a zoo in which she started to collect species from Earth to preserve them, including humans. Humans in the space zoo eventually multiply and after a millennia they became their own set of culture and how the interact with each other, giving hints that probably there are some "founders effect" as there weren't too much genetic diversity over the course of generations within the reproduction program.

Towards what the intentions of the zoo are not really unknown, but probably started as a way to start a collection or probably to preserve the planet if the natural resources where destroyed. Then in between the colonization of Earth, the development of the Kindergartens and Pink's ultimate decision and betrayal to Homeworld to save the Earth population brought a series of problems which they can be resumed as an act of being impulsive.

The first problem became related to her Pearl, as Pearls are programmed to be loyal to higher class gems, persuading her to "destroy" her with her diamond persona but also to drag her to foresee the annihilation of thousands of gems because of the corruption light that was product of Yellow, White and Blue Diamond combined attack as they were grieving her "death", that created a series of emotional conflicts and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on Pearl over the course of her existence adding that she lost her Diamond and her Rose when Steven was born.

Within a Single Pale Rose, we can explore how complex is the character of Pearl, being beyond a mere archetype or cliche, she is someone who is trying to cope with the lose of a loved one but also having the toll of war on her shoulders and knowing a secret she had to hide from everyone else.

The second problem is that because of her action, her subordinates, comrades and gems who couldn't escape from the corrupting light perished on their actual forms. There were innocent gems who died because they didn't saw it coming or just because they believed in the fabricated story of the rebellion and how a Quartz revolted against the Diamond Authority. Just because their Diamond wanted to be free, and instead of being honest and confronting the other Diamonds, she took an extremely selfish path that decimated her followers.

The third problem involves with the surviving Crystal Gems which within the revelation of Steven after he went inside Pearl's memories it shattered the image they had of their fallen leader, which she was set in high standards by almost everyone who was close to her; which also could lead to a revelation that Rose wasn't never inactive but rather just being dormant inside Steven as she wanted to live more of a human life, the same specie she fall in love with it.

On a long term the problem with Pink/ Rose is that on a long term she didn't thought about the consequences but rather on what she could saw on a short term.