Wednesday, April 11, 2018

First Time Playing Fortnite

I had to try it as I always enjoyed players versus players games, but overall the reason I tried it was after seeing one content developer that I patron "GameOver Jesse" playing it with one of my favorite streamers "MissClikk" and I decided to give it a go since I got a new CPU about a week ago; I thought let's have some fun.

Fortnite definite plays with some retro values mixed with the modern concept of micro-transactions as a form of game investment and revenue; essentially you as a player can get better ammo if you invest the money, but also there is no money enough to invest in mental peace into not throwing your control or fist to the screen, when you know you got killed within seconds of landing into the scenario.

The gameplay is almost intuitive, is really to understand at least on the pvp option; I haven't played the story mode yet and I have no interest at the moment, mostly because some schedule restrains. I haven't even played on teams as I haven't found anyone to stick with yet and I have enjoy a little bit the solo missions in the battle royal, it gives me the opportunity to explore the scenario and check where the random items can be generated and to see if there is a pattern between the different houses or edification's around the terrain.

In the short moments I had played so far, I haven't checked if there is a disparity between the levels of the players but with some practice I had learned to avoid much of the other players and reach from position 91 to 27th in matters of hours but still there are some difference between who can purchase content and doesn't, such as getting better defenses or certain items but I am probably wrong as it was a quick observation from the couple of times I had played it.

Some of the items such as the gliders give me some curiosity, but I haven't really check on their functionality and it's worth investing into them, maybe I can try purchasing them later whenever I feel more secure with the game environment; another thing worth to mention is that Fortnite at least in my opinion is not worth playing with a keyboard and mouse.

Playing around with a controller is just easier, not only towards moving the camera but aiming; you can change in between numeric pad of the keyboard and the controller to alternate better towards the arsenal of weapons. I probably wouldn't say which controller is better? I only used so far with the PS4 control and it worked quite well, probably the Xbox control could be smoother during the gameplay, but I have no interest to buying it.

What is with the graphics, they are mostly low level poly's; and they can run quite well with a computer that is not built for gaming and the sounds aren't exactly immersing in the experience; at least for me they remind me of the early PlayStation games and the game itself reminds me of that, which is one of the reasons I find it quite cute and charming and that it can be accessed without buying anything it gives an extra appeal.