Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Multiverse and Metaphysical Aspects of Smash Brothers and Mario Galaxy Part One

The best explanation to understand Nintendo cosmology it goes that we have to see it as a multiverse, in which different planes of reality and timelines intersect with each other, and in certain moment they collide within each other. We have seen how the different realities intersect on Pokemon Sun versus Ultra Sun, in which Nintendo played with the idea that the time placement of their characters is far more complex than one linear story-line.

Sorry for the random thoughts, but within the latest entry of Smash Brothers for the Switch it make think on how the omnipotence of Master Core could be but also on how Rosalina essentially controls time and space within certain conditions, which she could be considered one of the most powerful individuals or deities within the entire franchise as within Zelda, not even the three goddess have the ability to reset an entire universe at will.

The deities as they go in the Nintendo-verse can go between a complex pantheon, each with their own different set of skills and how they interact with the people that they worship them, albeit the one deity that plays with the idea of who is overall is the Master Core, the same essences of the entire multiverse.

For been such a powerful being within the cosmology of the game, the Master Core itself is quite passive and is essence is sealed within some of his vessels such as tabuu and the hands. Yet, within such power the Core don't do anything, is much as his emissaries have the real power to shape the universe as their own will.

Is interesting to see Smash Brothers because it's the game that can tie the different gaps on where the games are located, if they share their own planet but at this moment we all can infer the characters come from different universes and timelines. One reason we can see, are Twilight Princess Link versus Toon Link as one example, but also within the latest addition now we have Hylian Champion which sums the number what characters are brought and from what eras.

One idea that I see towards why the Nintendoverse is set in a multiverse, rather than the characters to be positioned on different corners of the universe, where the fluctuation of time is different as well the technological advancements is how many characters interact besides the aforementioned example; Mr. Game and Watch as well Mario are part of the same universe but they come from different eras. Also having the Core, the Hands and Tavuu, expose there are individuals or beings powerful than Rosalina and the Lumas.

We had seen Rosalina and the Lumas reseting time and space, to recreate the failing universe into a new one; leaving a few individuals with the previous memories at the end Galaxy only to have some new adventures after the destruction of the previous universe. Is quite a catastrophic event for just one universe, but what if the destruction of the Mario's universe created a chain event that even brought Breath of the Wild as a new universe for the Zelda franchise?

Think about it? Is not weird, as the strings of the cosmos tend to be related and a chain reaction in one universe could lead the demise or creation of another one; so if there is a series of events that unfold a mass destruction there should be a balance and life could be born between the chaos. Is so weird to think how can one event could affect others almost as a butterfly effect.

To be continued...