Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Importance of Patreon

Patreon Logo
The more I submerge myself into Patreon, the more I am convinced services as this are essential towards the branding or artists as well musicians, content developers and any creative person who is looking for a platform to be in contact with their fan-base but also to receive feedback and expand what they can do to entertain and create fresh content.

Is a great marketing tool, as well communication based one: you can see a better interaction if you pay, the creators set a price as well the price towards the patreons, in theory is quite good as it can serve to place the celebrities of the new era with their fans but also it can be binding towards the creators such as they are bind to honor the prizes that are in correlation of what their fans are giving; the way I see it is as "a rewards system, that at the moment the fanatics aren't satisfied it can leave a creator without any income" it is quite flaw, because we are rewarding artists mostly based on a difference between their content, fan reaction and how much the fans can give.

I am thinking "on a certain perspective, services such as Patreon can help artists and content creators towards gaining notoriety and selling their own personas; but we as a society we should focus more on arts and the different spectrum's that encompass creation, instead of supporting a system that essentially is established for begging" Patreon in theory, seems to defy a lot the begging system but is dependent on users since Youtube ad-sense revenue program became obsolete and left several creators on the limbo without the ability to monetize.

Maybe is true, being an indie within social media can be brutal, and creating a solid platform can be almost impossible to generate revenue; but, if the creators have enough of a fan base or hook with someone that can expose them further such an influencer, in theory as I said before using a service as Patreon to connect with people is not a bad idea, it can be seen as an exchange of intangible set of services which the ultimate end is mostly a PR platform for anyone who wants to consolidate their own brand.

The dynamics on Patreon are quite interesting to see, the developments between the involved parties could lead to a positive development such as generating a dialogue between the work of the creator and what feedback the supporter. It can be used quite efficiently to improve the content, but also it can be used to alienate the creators as the sponsors could demand certain things if they hold enough financial power from them.

It is quite an odd scenario, mostly because it mimics the Renaissance or almost any artist who is at the mercy of their financial sponsors; in certain way it can be avoided depending on how much control the creator have over the prices and the interaction between the sponsors. It is quite cool, to see it from different angles, as the platform gives some stability but not a full one, it can also help with the exposure as there will be revenue for Ad-Words or any other social media advertisement programs .