Sunday, March 18, 2018

Musings on Indie Video Games

The more I delve into services such as Kickstarter or Steam, the more I find fascinating  on how the process is taken to invent something new but also to create a narrative that is not seen on mainstream video games. We can think about services such as Stream who offer a platform for indie developers, such as the case of Phil Poisson or as he was known Phil Fish who debuted on Stream with his game Fez; even if the case of Phil's can be extreme due the treatment he got by the industry and how his  public persona got handled, it's probably to think on the creation process that is just different for each developer.

Maybe the reason I started again to think about indie games, came from many times I had checked on Kickstarter that has turned into the new platform for developers to find funds for their projects but also a good way to interact with fans and get good feedback on the Beta process.

The last game I had played was Undertale, which I find really charming; is just witty as well play with the emotions of retro values; albeit looking at different projects on Kickstarter there are a new array of content, that new creators are trying to push to the general public. I have no preference to what I had seen right now and I am just essentially waiting until this upcoming Thursday when I get paid, to see any possible options I can support.

It is always interesting to see how much the developers create a relationship with potential fans, as well on how to connect with critics and people that can push their games into a more mainstream audiences. The problem with services such as Kickstarter is that there is a small limited amount to fund a campaign, which in 31 days could set a game from seeing the public light or just fade into the oblivion.

Service as Stream Greenlight offer the possibility for indie games, but also it depends on a popularity contest; it can be seen such as a tool to promote your game but still doesn't mean that there is going to be any success, it can go towards how the players perceive the games and what review he can give about the project.

Truly there has been an evolution since Web 1.0 and how video games and multimedia products are sold; we had moved beyond the forums and now we as a collective focus on websites that mine data and information to know what can work and what will fail based on marketing analysis, which at the end if it success it will give the developers some income or will destroy them financially .