Monday, February 26, 2018

Undertale Game Review

Entrance to the Underworld

Undertale is such an interesting game, not as much as it plays on the retro value with nostalgia by using the up-down pixelated view; but what it makes the game interesting is not the retro gameplay but the story that the game offers which is a journey through the underworld and itself tells a reintrepration of Dante's opus maximum "Hell".

The game doesn't follow the structure of the epic poem but there are interpretations that there is a journey through hell, similar as Dante when he travels to hell to save Beatrice; but in the case of Undertale is the story of Frisk to find an exit to her journey from some form of hell into the surface. The story indeed does divert from the possible source of inspiration, as it mentioned that there was a war between humans and monsters.

Old Home
The graphics are pixelated from a top down perspective, in which you control a young human who goes to the Underworld, but seems to be that young child isn't the first one to visit the underworld and be acquaintance with the monsters.

I regret that I didn't played the game when I bought on the release, but I was trying to feel more comfortable with my own self and trying to recover my interest into gaming, writing and painting; as well developing new ones, I found I enjoy a lot streaming, even if I haven't done it steady.

One interesting aspect of the gameplay is that the battles offer a different mechanic from other RPG's, in which your core and health are represented by a small heart trapped in a black box that within each enemy, there will be a new challenge or better say a small personalized mini game in which you have to survive. I never saw something as that, but what it took me by surprise was that the game contain a modification that manipulates the saving files into letting the NPC's know that the previous actions of the main character.

I was playing on the underground before facing and killing Toriel by accident, as I didn't knew you have to do her dialogue a very high number of times so she would be spared. I made a mistake, even if I didn't killed any of the other monsters, but yet.. that's the dynamics of the game and they are really interesting as they offer something new.

The music of the game is quite weak, but it also plays on the old midi style ones that were found in games such as the one found on the Golden Era of video games, it can be appealing for gamers interested in retro aspects but for someone who has never played an old style game, the sounds can be a tad boring. Albeit that's just my opinion after asking some people what they thought about the sound choices, but it's just the charm of the game.

The writing is witty and the dialogues are really awesome, as each character has their own voice and they break the game pace with some outrageous observations. Probably, the biggest asset in the game is the way it was written, and the way it gives protagonism to Sans make the experience enjoyable; as he as a character not only breaks the fourth wall but gives insight around the other NPC's to the player.

There are elements of fatalism and apathy towards the game enviroment, as if the ultimate destiny that is death can be overdone every time the player resets the game; it also brings the interpretation of multiple timelines and how the actions in one can affect the others, which it happens a lot in the game as every single action you take will have some form of consequence. I totally recommend playing Undertale, is quite unique and really cool.