Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Pokemon Ultra Sun Review

Game's Mascots
(2/01/2018) --- It took me a while to write this, mostly because of the time it has taken me to play through the game. At this moment, I haven't finished it, I been playing slowly as I can mostly as I wanted to enjoy it but the way I see UltraSun and UltraMoon versus their counterparts Sun and Moon, is a mere What If? story between parallel worlds and timelines.

As the players can see there are minor differences between the games such as where you obtain your starters and the first battle with Hau or the Rotom Pokedex features; in theory the changes are minimum and is mostly a retelling with only a few new Pokemons, plus a few extra mechanics.

What I truly find fascinating about these last two set of games, instead of being a sequel of each other is that essentially S/M and US/UM play a lot with the what if? Imagine your daily life, now imagine those decisions that influenced an ultimate outcome are the ones who play the control on your daily life. Is a common dichotomy,  you as a person have to face it daily, we always be subjected to the what if? no matter what.

On a personal case, I always imagined what if I never moved to the United States? or if I never cam out to my parents? as well subsequent questions that made debate about any other possible outcome my life could had taken if I hadn't taken any of the decisions I took 7 years ago, 8 years ago or even 11 years ago. Where I would be today? Probably not even here, as the what if can take some ontological questions about the being and the different paths we take as social individuals.

Who we take the exploration is set as a preset in the game, we have no choice but as we keep exploring we can see that the difference in the story and scenario differ from one game to the other but also on the menu. In certain way, US/UM is how the last generation of games should be as the story of the first games failed to be long and it was quite short.

Controller mechanics, there wasn't anything new; probably the only differences were located on the interface menu as it became easier to save the game and access the items; probably Pokemon is one of the few franchises that had learned to stick to the formula the know just to make it easy to the players.

The story is the aspect that I find the most entertaining, because if we compare it to the first installment of Sun and Moon US/UM is just an extension of what the first two installments of Generation Seven could had been; from exploring other worlds, other lifeforms to understanding the origin of some Pokemon that is not even related to the cosmos the main story takes place but rather a parallel universe.

There is a lot to explore towards the mythos of the franchise, exactly it would be interesting to know more about the origins of the species as well if they are an invader genus or just an evolutionary line from a planet similar to Earth. Even towards how the other regions grew as time pass by; as on Generation 1, Kanto seemed to be in ruins after a war; it even looked as it was our own Earth that diverged at a certain point in history and we became stuck in a scenario where a developed country tried to control some foreign creatures to gain political and economical power worldwide but at the end, everything was chaos.

I would recommend the game if the person hasn't played Sun or Moon; is not a bad game it's just a a mere upgrade of the first set of the Seventh Generation.