Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Dorothy Thomas Unsolved Murder

Dorothy Thomas
(1/24/2018)--- It's been 64 years that this murder happened in Tallahassee, Florida. The murder took place on September the 5th of 1957 and by September the 6th in the hours of 9AM to 10AM a delivery guy discovered the body of Miss Thomas in the bathroom of the establishment that was located 633 W. Tennessee Street while it was named Nu Cleaners, right the place holds a Greek eatery named Pitaria.

The body of miss Thomas was found stabbed multiple times, and according to WCTV when they quoted the forensic team "that her murder could be linked to others around the country back then" (Kadechka, Laura) which to be honest it sounds as they never had a clue who murdered or at least back in the 50's the murderer could be someone who had access to the cleaners, such as the owners.

Probably by now who murdered her is on his golden years or probably is long dead; but is quite suspicious that the suspect was identified but never arrested; assuming that he or she probably had money to buy the justice and flee Florida as soon as he could. The murderer could even be related to the family who used to own the now defunct cleaning business.


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