Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Times Will Be Worse, Don't Give Up

We are in tumultuous times, the damage that the current administration (GAO - Washington Post) tax reform will do to the economy, will be catastrophic as there is no way to pull the debt out by making the middle class and students pay taxes based on their income and educational grants; cutting human capital from company's payroll will bring consequences to the U.S.A farming industry just to name a few.

The main issues with Trump's rhetoric involves that he has feed the egos of the white nationalists, the youth insecurities to project racial superiority as a norm in the land; the idea every news outlet is fake with the exceptions of Breitbart, Fox News and the White House press releases are the real ones are an attack to freedom of speech and mixed that net neutrality is the enemy of freedom of speech and business will bring a destabilization to the country's prosperity.

Even so, talking on a economical level we can always recover but the vulnerabilities that we were exposed were that we were open to foreign govern interference (Russia) and the idea that the Cold War is continuing it's still lingering as we can see how the Commander in Chief gives appreciation to Vladimir Putin on several occasions (USNews) but the worse was when Putin expelled USA diplomats and Trump seemed to be jolly and the second issue is that Neo Nazis such as Steven Bannon gained a voice.

It's not much I can say, but to the people who are fighting "please don't give up, don't give up and keep fighting against the tyrants" 

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