Sunday, November 26, 2017

Youtube is Outdated

Probably several of you had heard that content creators are loosing revenue because of Youtube is re-structuring their outsource marketing base, it's not difficult to see why the business is not being profitable as advertisers are moving away from the company due the the inconviences their brands could be affected as Youtube tends to host terrorist content such as KKK, Breitbart, Neo-Nazis and ISIS; of course Youtube and Google mentioned that they are removing every single content they can find but that doesn't mean that an advertiser would "love" his product to be affected due the channel of exposition (Snyder).

Not only bad publicity, but also the infrastructure of Youtube itself is collapsing such as younger users not buying anything from the advertisers, too much trash content around the platform which is one reason the monetizing-bot is not functioning towards aiming content creators revenue but rather making them lose.

The problem lies within two parameters: the algorythm in which Youtube uses to discerns what is worth spending money on and what the competition is trying to achieve; Youtube in ten years opened the idea of streaming videos as a form of entertainment and recently with Youtube Red is trying to reach the demographics Netflix found a niche, but is not achieving the same success of promoting fresh content, instead Youtube is quite of a "hot mess"in which due the problem with the algorytm and lack of interest of supporting creators is essentially losing money and visibility (Bates).

The lack of support of and videos being demonetized is not new, it has been going for at least two years because the infrastructure of the network is not suitable due the lack of content and repetitive violations such as third party individuals stealing fresh content from original creators; besides that potential advertisers such as Nintendo, just to name one, had placed a hold on creators using any of their products even if it's for review unless is pre-approved by them/

As in the content and audiovisual business, advertisement is what it set the key to success and YouTube if failing on that. Patreon could offer a solution towards giving the content creators a space to show their products and take out some of the Youtube source of content generation; one thing that is good to think is that an artist or someone who wants to create something fresh, shouldn't starve and should have a platform in which they can show their trade without fears of losing money.


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