Monday, November 20, 2017

Middleton High Could be the Key

(Tampa, Fl) --- The serial killer knew the victims, is difficult to know if there is a connection between them but at least the killer studied their habits before striking, as well the selection of the routes.

All the killing has been in a one mile radius, while is probably good to notice that in between the radius of W. Osborne Avenue and N. 15 offers different routes of escape and ways to camouflage as is a heavily urban area, but also it gives clues about the possible murder, at least towards his knowledge in the area, the person in question works within the close proximity, probably around on of the schools that is in the district such as Middleton, it wouldn't be weird to assume that he was a school bus driver but also someone who is familiar with the area.

One assumption I can take, the killer had access to the victims records, not as much as social media but that he knew where they go and mobilize, he did studied the patterns and even sat down with them; I can assure he went to the restaurant where Monica Hoffa was working and probably even spoke with her and sat down on the restaurant she was working.

The killer probably sat next to Benjamin Mitchell as he was waiting for route nine, he probably went on the bus with him and tag him, same with Anthony Taino and Ronald Felton; he knew where they lived and how they lived on a daily basis, but overall one aspect I suspect is that the killer is operating not far away, that he is within the school district and has volunteer or worked at the Adult Community Center of Middleton High School, where he could have access to information and meet any potential victim.

I don't believe the killer is going to go outside his comfort zone, at least to not analyze any areas in the city with potential escape routes; he is going to keep operating on the area as Seminole Heights and East Tampa offers enough escape routes not mentioning the highway; if the killer strikes again, I suspect it would be around Middleton, giving him enough chance to commit the next crime if he hasn't fled the area.