Friday, September 8, 2017

The Many Worlds of Chrono Cross

Opassa Beach
(9/6/2017) --- Let's play a game, well we can play many games, especially towards the Ocarina of Time (1) which it can be the best example towards multiple timelines. Now, instead of Ocarina of Time and Zelda let's focus on Chrono Cross (2). On an upcoming entry we will talk about Chrono Trigger (3) with more detail and we will focus also on Radical Dreamers (4) on a set of future entries and we are going to expand towards the ideas of the multiverse (5) and how they are seen towards the Chrono games.

To start first with the thesis, we think about the idea of time paradoxes, which they are one set of ideas why physicist had dismissed time travel as a possibility, yet if there is going to be a change in the time topology it has to obey the laws of physics. You cannot fade into oblivion by killing your parents but we can think on decoherence to solve some of the interrogations towards in which the bodies are ruled by the enviroment.

The best example we can see in the game is with Serge (6) in which he after got saved by Kid in Opassa Beach he turned into an impossibility almost as the Schrodinger Cat in which he is both dead and alive thanks to the interactions of Kid in the Opassa Beach of Home World which in reality is the alternative dimension of the main timeline of the Chrono games.

Serge itself can be placed on the Many Worlds (7) interpretation, he is the catalyst of the changes in the dimensions but also the chronological point in which the history splits itself but also opens the scenario on which decisions and setting influenced on the life of the different people and the interactions can be set but Chrono Cross offers a new question Do travel between different dimensions that are connected through the same quantum mechanics; should they be able to bringing people which exists equally in both universes?

According to the game lore it is possible, but the purpose of history, socio-economical settings, biological agents as well weather factors, that would bring the same person that makes who you are. Within the many worlds we are existing on a set of different states, we are alive and we are dead, we are reading a book or just watching television, even on some of them we don't exists at all.

So inside the game we see two characters interacting with each other, which the characters look similar, they are in essence and on a genetic level the same person or being; but, the divergence in history makes the two beings completely different. As we mentioned earlier, Serge is the best example as he is dead in one universe but alive in the other; the people he grew up with and his mother on the other universe don't recognize him because he died young, with the exception of one of his friends.

It is quite a scary idea, we are our own paradoxes but we can be influenced by a designer, which the idea of a designer can be attribute to Balthazar (8) and also FATE (9) the super computer he created. Yet the idea of a designer could be taken by the influence of Lavos (and his altered form the Time Devourer) on a more mythological side of the history is interesting to see how the bad guys shaped the world, as themselves are presented as deities.

Lavos (9) itself is the central element of the Chrono mythos is almost as an unifier of the different worlds and dimensions, is almost as a parallel to the Abrahamic deities, in this case could be associated to Lucifer or even the demon known as Kali because there is suffering wherever he go.

There is also a juxtaposition on Lavos development, he is also the one who enabled mankind of that universe into evolving as giving them the ability to dominate magic. Lavos itself is the central element of the different dimensions and parallel worlds, he exists to unify the history of the many universes and parallel dimensions.

To place the idea on simple terms about the many worlds, lets think this way Whenever you as the player defeat the game and you reach the New Game Plus (9) screen you can re-start over, is almost as a new story who have some elements in common with the previous file but it's not the same, is a different world in which history took a another path.