Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Struggling Presidency

(7/21/2017) --- It's only been six months since the 45th Presidency rise to the power; and as time pass, the idea of the Trump administration improving their public ratings and image seems to be fading away. Trump is not the only one who had a problematic start, other Presidents such as Kennedy and Clinton had a rough start, but we are already in the beginning of the second semester of the year and there hasn't been any changes towards the survival for the next 3 and a half years within the image of the President, his cabinet as well the idea of a re-election or placing Vice President Pence as the 46th President.

We have to consider that the first six months of his Presidency were a nightmare, in terms of public relations logistics and the ones that are remaining, those can be worse. The contact with the Russians, who were involved in meddling within the 2016 election; he still in the search for his first major legislative campaign, which is party who controls all the chambers has given him none; not to mention, the people that surrounded him, now do not want anything near.

His biggest promise into replacing "Obamacare" within the first six months hasn't happened, to cut taxes, or his promise to launch a massive investment in the infrastructure and to build a wall across the Mexican border. His political time to shine is going slow, it usually takes a year before any administration promises and goals are met; albeit the last six months had been empty, where nobody has really placed a major legislation that pro-economy and pro-civil rights.

An upcoming problem in which can lead to the demise of the GOP, is that at the end of the fiscal year in September 30, the federal government runs out of money; and if there is a failure to pass spending bills or at least a stop gap measure would create a partial shut-down. If the Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling, so the government can borrow more money but if there is a failure it would be the first default in U.S. history.