Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Media as The Fourth Power

The Fourth Power
(08/25/2017) --- Last Tuesday President Trump spent a good amount of 20 minutes in a harsh, loud and problematic rally in Phoenix, Arizona; avoiding to response about the violence in Charlottesville that ended with the life of Heather Heyer, the only action President Trump ended doing was attacking the media - it seems, the words "crooked" are just his favorite words to describe any detractor that can go from Hillary to the any media who is not Fox News.

Trump blamed the "crooked media" for the backlash he "suffered" after claiming many sides were responsible for the August 12 Unite the Right Rally, which as everyone now turned deadly when American terrorist James Alex Fields Jr. plowed his car in the counter-protest rally which kill her but also injured 19 other counter-protesters. Still is necessary to blame both sides? Only it takes one side that fill with hate and violence to incite violence.

"The only people giving a platform to these hate groups is the media itself and the fake news" "If you want to discover the source of division in our country, look no further than the fake news and the crooked media" What Trump seems doesn't to understand is the importance of the media that executes influence and power between society and public opinion and it's not far away, just behind the three powers of the Estate which are the executive, legislative and judiciary.

Of course, some of you will say that the media is influenced by the corporate interest that are related to the publishing companies. We have Fox News and we have Disney as opposite extremes, we have independent sides such as Reason, The Nation and Philosophy which offer a more established view on the different parties and philosophies around the country without the vitriolic hate speech.

There has been an evolution in the term, as for today we can add bloggers from any multimedia side of the spectrum, handheld communication technologies that influence the distribution of the message and social media that can act as a channel to spread the information quicker as is mixed with communication technologies. Indeed, there is a revolution towards the fourth power but also it gives the opportunities to pundits to reach the masses also.

We can add influencers beyond the marketing reach, anyone with the proper number of followers can create a change without even having access to a studio, just a camera and a microphone and you can become some form of a celebrity if you know how to use the proper metrics to expose yourself. The understanding of the current administration towards mass media seems to be minimal, as if we as a society we are still in the 50's towards how communication is spread and the different types of nets that are around us to share information.


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