Monday, August 7, 2017

The Art of the Cosplay

Michael Myers Cosplay
(8/5/2017) --- This is going to be a series of entries towards the sociological aspects of comic book conventions and how cosplay can act as an unifying factor into creating new friendships towards the enthusiasts of those type of events.

So as of today, I had the privilege to assist to my first convention with my friend Kim, who she has been doing it for the last seven years. I only went for the day and it was a last minute decision since I got the day off by a mere accident.

As every event I assist, I try to analyze different aspects that can be seen on any event. The principal aspect as of any event is the influx of money to promote a growth on local and regional businesses; the second aspect of the sociological standpoint is the ability to promote yourself as your own brand within a very specific niche of collectors and the third is the ability to network around the other players and vendors.

It is quite an easy but elegant set of marketing strategies that are mixed to the appeal of human emotions, it even appeals to nostalgia but that will on another entry. The art of cosplay doesn't lie on the essence of grabbing the character persona but on how you as the player brand yourself as a product to the competition, which is plenty, which you have to find a way to shine more than anyone else, more than any of the other 10 or 20 cosplayers who are doting the same character.

You essentially become your own brand and there are going to be comments from the competition, biased comments from any random people around the Internet. It is not a big secret that people are racist and whenever they see something they don't like using their own computers, they will go on a tirade that offers nothing except hatred to what they consider unworthy.

When branding yourself on events that the icon relies on the costume, you also need the personality besides embodying the character, you need to be sociable with almost everyone. The Michael Myers costume got my attention on a particular level was because it was a simple costume but the cosplayer got the essence of the character. He was essentially stalking other people in silence and could be spot hidding on different locations of the convention center.

Then there's the kind of cosplayers who would take memes and popular culture to a creative level. One cosplayer who got my attention was the Harambe Angel, I found it so strange and yet unique, mostly because the cosplayer itself is a trope and a cliche in which is a dead symbol of popular culture that sparked a debate between parenting and how animals are handled in a zoo.

Probably debate won't be the best word, because it seriously brought the worse on people towards leaving death threats to the mother of the young boy who fall into the late gorilla pit, even so there racist comparisons between Obama and Harambe that the xenophobic right found their gold to mock at the first African-American President of the United States.

Still, the composition of a good cosplay from an amazing one involves on how the context is given. It could be a low level one, or a complex one that brings the character to life but on how the fantasy is played in real life.