Sunday, August 13, 2017

Castlevania and the Debacle of God

Blue Fang and The Bishop
(8/14/2017) --- So, I decided to watch Castlevania the animated series, mostly as I wanted to see something else that wasn't related to Chip and Joanna Gaines or Tiny House Hunters, essentially anything that doesn't remind me how much I hate Chip and Joanna being so fake to the audience.

After listening to some friends who watched the short first season of Castlevania in one setting; I did the same as the season is only four episodes long which is almost as a miniseries, but it was quite substantial to watch it.

The first three episodes really didn't got my attention in terms of dialogue; I mean it, they were nice to watch and they follow some of the mythos of the games quite nicely; up until the fourth episode when the aspects of the game that involve existential doubts and the benevolence of God became more obvious and open towards the viewers.

The scene was quite simple ****Spoilers**** but I assume much of you already watched the first season of the show. After episode three when the Speakers escape, Dracula's army go inside the town to find their tribute, only to find nothing. The army lead by Blue Fang go to the church to find the Bishop who was the liason between the church and Dracula, and there they start having a short but deep dialogue about how much God influenced and protected the Bishop towards his action, then the Bishop is devoured by Blue Fangs ****End of Spoilers ***

The Bishop was convinced that God placed him on the Church of Romania to become his leader and the most powerful man, in such a short time he manipulated the people of Wallachia into bringing Dracula's wife Lisa and execute her as a witch. From that point the Bishop only saw a motivation between power and use religion as a medium to control everyone's in town at the expense everyone could be devoured by Dracula's monsters.but he saw that as crusade to impose his will.

Before his demise, he saw a pack of blue fangs were arriving at the church were he was hiding. The Bishop in his delusion thought he was going to be safe but the Blue Fang mentioned that he wasn't safe anywhere as his God wasn't omnipotent and omniscient, "in fact his God abandoned him". The Bishop didn't believe him and before he could do something the Blue Fang placed his paws around the Bishop's head and quickly bite his head off.

The Bishop faced a crisis before his ultimate demise, he was placed a doubt over the existence of God as an entity, assuming that the Church of Romania was a parallel of the Catholic Church, then we can set the teaching as God been everywhere, but as the Blue Fang states "your God is not everywhere" and mentioning that it wasn't God's fault but his that brought all that calamity to the town he has living in.

The statement itself when humanity blame God for any problem but also don't realize that beyond any divinity, we are the ones who face our own consequences.