Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Importance of Moral Orel and The Boondocks

Moral Orel Intro Screen
(7/28/2017) --- Recently Cartoon Network Adult Swim block started to air Morel Orel again, it is quite odd that the show gets some exposure every now and then, but the last time that the show aired was in 2008 and was placed on air again maybe four years ago, in between the last term of President Obama and then the show was sent to obscurity; but why is important today, as of 2017 Moral Orel as show?.

The reason is simple, within the 45th Presidency on the run the voices of the religious right and white supremacy groups got a voice; much as within Statesota have them as the common majority. The second and most important reason on why this show is more important tan ever, as well having a voice as Dino Stamatopoulos is because no matter who you are, what dogma or philosophy you belief if you can fight against the injustices within the system, you can create a change.

Riley and Huey Freeman 
The same line can be applied to Aaron McGruder and his magnus-opus The Boondocks. Which the concentration of racial identities, social classes and mixture of cultures as the topics that were exposed on the strip and the show.

Today we can see essentially a mixture of the life of Moral Orel and the Boondocks more openly in America due the showcase of social media and traditional media that show the disparity between the Caucasian middle-class opposite to the minorities that on a social historical setting had been relegated to a second plane of exposure towards social stability and economical growth.

Moral Orel and The Boondocks have common topic as it was mentioned before, but it's taken from different perspectives while on the Boondocks is more blunt towards the difficult life young African Americans have, on Moral Orel there is the perspective that many young white men are oblivious to the realities that anyone that is not from their "clique" are facing. We can see today much of this reality with the division caused by the 45th Presidency and how the 44th Presidency was a catalyst to show the difference as many people were divided between the disparities.

On a personal level I had a former co-worker who was also a former friend who said that there was no such thing, and that the media was ignoring when white men were murdered, again on a personal level I have another friend who is part from a grassroots movement in Tampa named Restorative Justice Coalition which has taken the view into checking from different crimes regards the person background so justice can be brought as well to bring a change in the system.

What is the difference between my two acquaintance? The first one blames the media and that person was closed to other people realities, that person started to blame African American people for "they" own fault, for the fault "they" had on "they" life and family. That former friend couldn't see that to make a difference except the blaming and falling into conspirator theories that were blaming into the African American youth and why they were chasing white families.

That first former friend was much as a hypothetical Orel Puppington father Clay, that former friend blamed everyone else except the action that friend could had taken to improve the critical thinking and social interaction, but it never happened.

The second friend, learned from the experience and started to see that there are paths to create a change, paths to activism such as Huey Freeman instead of blaming everyone else, that friend saw strategies for change. I do not know if the cartoons influenced also their lives but I see the parallelism between the two individuals and the two cartoons.

Media influence can be acted as a positive or negative influence channel, but media wise on products that speak to a certain demographic can create a positive outlook in someone, even inspire to find a path of change and growth. Some media channels as Fox News or The Blaze can bring a negative impact on how the international and federal realities are perceived and they do not offer anything to contrast except that some circles of thought are closed in their own thoughts to expand.

Not all conservator media is bad, National Review can offer a more neutral point of view on the conservator commentary, it can offer a look that is not seen on popular channels such as Fox. We have to see that there are two points and an in-between for any ideological thought and how it's executed on the practice.

Why we need cartoons and satire as Moral Orel and The Boondocks more than ever? Because with the social and political changes, we need voices that express their discomfort towards social and economical inequality and the paths we as a society can take to improve the life of us as a collective.