Sunday, July 2, 2017

Jeff Sessions Reviewing Transgender Murders

Attorney General Jeff Sessions
(7/3/2017) --- As the year pass the Trump administration stance on LGBT rights keeps showing as dubious towards any honest interest that could improve the life of the individuals of the community as well their families and allies; but the latest piece of information came on June, 30th of 2017 in which the Attorney General Jeff Sessions (1) in which he agreed to review the rise on the murders within the transgender community.

Attorney General directed federal authorities to review the rise on the murders of transgender individuals in the last three years (2); Sessions mentioned in a national conference on hate crimes, that the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division and the FBI are weighing a federal intervention in different investigations related to the killings. The statistics go from 16 in 2016 to 28 in 2017.

"I specifically directed that the files of these cases be reviewed to ensure that there is no single person or group behind these murders or to what extent hate crime motivation lies behind such murder" said the Attorney General. While he is the first member of the Trump administration that says "hate crimes" towards the transgender community and also the least expected to be involved openly towards a case of the LGBT community (3)

A problem on Sessions statement is that it lies on a vague double negation, as single individuals and groups has been behind the different cases, they are hate crimes that in their vast majority haven't been classified as such as they are on the interpretation of a weak judiciary system that can be manipulated on the jury biases towards genre, identity and biology. Still he is the first one to openly use such a complex phrase in an administration that has marginalized the LGBT on the election period.

Not even on the election period; Neil Gorsuch, the replacement of Anthony Scalia on the Supreme Court can turn into the Trump's administration biggest asset at the moment of defending the administration agenda towards their position on civil rights, which is as thin as a veil. As with Gorsuch as the new Justice, he will become an opposition force for LGBT protections (4)

Albeit, on his remarks from last Thursday, Sessions requested that federal officials, "identify ways the department can support the state and local law enforcement and to determine if federal action would be appropriate"; but quoting David Stacy, government affairs director of the Human Rights Campaign "Now that Jeff Sessions is finally recognizing the national epidemic of violent hate crimes against transgender people, it is critical that the Department of Justice enhance it's efforts to investigate, prosecute and deter these horrible crimes"