Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Confederacy Monument in Old Court House Should Be Moved Without Any Deal

By: Florida Memory
(7/18/2017) --- No doubt we are living in a time of political changes, no doubt that the xenophobic's and racists gained a voice within the current administration but within times of turmoil there are always activists who can create a change for better.

Restorative Justice Collation (1)  is one of the groups in Tampa Bay who are engaging into dialogue to create a just system that impacts in a positive restorative matter, besides that them The Florida Council of Churches gathered with protesters in an effort to also to remove the statue.

To pieces of information gathered by the local outlets tend to be divisive about the possible removal of the statue. As it was reported by Channel News 8 (2) the decision of the re-location will be held by 7/19/2017 but one of the Victor Crist one of the commissioners is out of town and it could leave the vote on a deadlock.

This is not about re-writing history, but being affirmative that the Dixie is not anymore on the Confederacy Period (3), we are in the 21st Century and we had advanced towards social progress even if there are moments in which it seems we are living in a Police State. As the Sons of Confederate Veterans mentioned that "is part of their culture and it deserve to be recognized". It is quite surreal that some people believe, that a culture that was tied to racism and slavery needs to be applauded? The answer is no, it can taken in museums where it belongs, but not in public spaces where the people who want to do their best for their communities should be treated equally (4).

Let's not forget that election period is close and voters who are motivated can create a difference towards the positions that are going to be disputed by any of the competition; Victor Crist showed some extreme indifference by not being active on the upcoming meeting to decide the relocation of the monument as he will be in California for a personal vacation.

Ken Hagan, Sandy Murman and Stacy White haven't had any changes on their stances but Commissioner Lee Miller, Pat Kemp and Al Higginbotham voted in favor to relocate the statue. One of the opposing to the relocation needs to decide on a positive manner because not only his or her reputation can be tainted but also their political career as a public officers.

If the commissioners decide to change the location of the statue Tampa will join other cities such as New Orleans and Orlando which had removed monuments to an era of the American history that belongs in the books but not in the public eye.

At the moment there is no information towards where the monument will end up.


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