Thursday, July 6, 2017

Bowser and Trump

By: RC White
7/06/2017) ---
It is such a strange but beautiful coincidence how much these two look alike besides the obvious orange glow that covers them, except one of them is not being chased by an angry pair of Italian-Americans who can manipulate fire magic. The common denominator between these two characters is that both are real estate moguls, besides some psychopathic tendencies against certain minorities.

If we see it from a full spectrum, both characters come from a wealthy background in which it seems they inherit a mass of fortune in different capitals such as bonds and estate; Bowser itself seems to be the owner of several properties around the Mushroom Kingdom while Donald owns several properties around the United States as well the Arab Emirates; both seem to conceive the idea that they are their own brand and people seem to know them by their larger than life personas.

Bowser focus of power doesn't lie mostly on his paranormal abilities only, his power it is on the acquisition of properties and the ability to renewal them but to give a constant workforce to the different inhabitant of the Mushroom Kingdom, within certain restrictions that the job probably wouldn't be safe due the constant war state Bowser gives to the Princess Peach and her court.

Donald Trump is not different either, after becoming the 45th President he has sought to consolidate his brand towards the use of diplomacy in order to expand his own empire, but without avoiding the idea of conflict of interest as he and his consolidate try to make business within countries that have reputation of human right violations such as Saudi Arabia; but him as a television media personality can attract anyone to invest on his ideas and projects.

Much like Bowser, Trump also lives in a constant state of war and paranoia and use social media in order to intimidate such as the media and his detractors; also, Bowser and Trump seem to be obsessed with strong women who are in high position of power, who are educated, are in politics and also are blonde. Yet, they seem to never overpower their intended victims, not because they need a man, but because on a long term their own morbid plans fail under their own weight.

Still, the similarities can be even more creepy to the point that they share work related violations to the safety and well-being of their employees; Trump not paying wages and Bowser killing them and enslaving his minions or better say "employees" (1) which in real life that would bring too many fines and violations citations from OSHA.

Another aspect is that Trump and Bowser seem to have a very extended family, in which involves many children, which much of them are there to serve daddy in his evil schemes. It is quite bizarre that Ivanka even parallels Wendy O. Koopa (2) in which she seems devoted to follow his father/ king orders without hesitation and even excusing his behavior by saving him using diverse methods such as denying sexual assault or carrying him over a balloon.