Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Silent Princess Game Theory

(6/19/2017) --- Hello everyone, this is just a mere theory regarding Breath of the Wild Princess Zelda (1) and her relationship with her favorite flower the Silent Princess (2). The idea of this Zelda being outspoken about her beliefs but also living in a contradiction towards her interests towards academia and duties as the reincarnation of the Goddess Hylia mirrors the silent struggles she faced to be happy and to grow as an individual which mirrors the biological development of the flower she named after her own self.

The flower that Zelda loved, showed same characteristics as her, as being imprisoned or grow under artificial conditions would make the development almost impossible. Zelda itself is the Silent Princess of the game, no matter when she speaks or how many times she is shown guiding Link she is always alone, alone facing the Calamity that is Ganon (3).

The flower itself is a symbolism on how lonely Zelda it is and how far apart she sees herself from the other Hyrule inhabitants; there is a silence growing inside her that is devouring her and eventually she resigned to her fate into spending a century alone with Ganon; yet Zelda is not alone within the idea of being a being that is consumed by the silence. Those two individuals conform are part of a being that gives a new meaning to the calamity that was bestowed upon Hyrule, it was an event that it was meant to happen, in which both parts would bring Demise (4) not by a physical form but by a mere manifestation of desolation.

The aspect that the flower can't grow on desolation is most as Zelda when she couldn't accept or make her powers awake on the times of need, such as when the Calamity rose and the beasts where subjugated to Ganon when he couldn't make his reincarnation complete. The flower itself represents Zelda's powers and hopes towards her own destiny and to saving Hyrule and her desire to be free from any chains of her own destiny.

Those are the reasons I believe this Zelda's moniker should be the Silent Princess, because of her personality and the inner struggles she couldn't voice on time to prevent a tragedy. This is just a mere theory, thank you for reading it.


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