Thursday, March 2, 2017

Team Plasma Analysis

(3/1/2017) --- Probably one of the most interesting aspects about this specific villainous team in Pokemon is that they embrace certain components of our own organized crime, in a certain way the villainous teams are mere caricatures of their real counterparts; but, an exception to the rule is Team Plasma (Bulbapedia - Team Plasma).

Why Team Plasma? They utilize persuasion to attract more followers, much as religion in the real world.Team Plasma uses proselytism in order to convert and bring more people to their cult as it was seen when the player first met them in Accumula Town, where Ghetsis the mastermind of the entire operation, was holding a rally in order to bring more followers by preaching Pokemon belong in the wild and shouldn't be used as humans as they are sacred.

It is an appeal to the emotions of the people, as essentially Ghetsis through the game offers some form of redemption that could be attributed to the person named mononymously as N, which he represents some form of a messiah that tries to liberate the Pokemons from the human oppression but also offer the promises of a safe heaven for humans and Pokemons, albeit in separate spaces because the ultimate promise of salvation wasn't for the humans.

The metaphysical implications that can be seen around Pokemon Black & White, same in the sequel of the games. Which there is a theosophical debates towards if the nature as a sacred gift should be violated by humans in order to fulfill their purpose of technology? And how there can be a heaven for Pokemons and humans and if they can co-exist as if they contain a soul and an essence that is worthy of salvation.

Accumula Town
Salvation seems to be placed on the core of Team Plasma's vision towards the world within the games, that they create a cosmological vision that seem to be heavily inspired in the Catholic Church to bring adepts. Salvation in order of deeds that are related to the church vision but also to give something to the church in order to be accepted and gain the reward of ascension to a higher plane of existence.

Religion as a component is seen towards different Pokemon games, probably during the first six generations it was quite subtle with the exception of Team Plasma, as generation VII there are references of adoration towards the Tapu's and being referred as deities who protect the islands.

In Black and White, the implications that Plasma as the antagonistic team uses a religious structure to manipulate the events around them. It can be a perfectly well made strategy to position the team dominance and resource, because the team is appealing to the peoples' emotions and beliefs and that can be effective than using strength or violence opposed to any other syndicate.

Team Rocket 
Team Rocket probably being the most iconic gang within the game franchise, mostly due being the main group of villains that has been used on every single series of the television show; has a different approach than any other of the gangs, in which they use Pokemons for experimentation, reselling and towards their personal uses even without caring that the Pokemons would die.

Yet, the ultimate goal of each team is to dominate the world through violence or through creating a corporate paradise as it was with the Aether Foundation; but, the emotional aspect that comes with Team Plasma is rarely found in any other of the villains because they do not place a cult and adoration status to on the same level that it was found in Plasma and the Gospel spread by N.

The hierarchy of Team Plasma is incredibly similar to the Catholic Church, where there is a Patriarch, The Seven Sages that can be similar seen to Cardinals, Anthea and Concordia being nuns, Colress being represented as a Diocesan Bishop due to his ability to interact with different regions and bring more parishioners to the cause; yet, the role of Colress could be more macabre as he could be part of a wider organization that the main goal is create an economical power on the Pokemon World.

Maybe the different teams such as Rocket, Plasma, Magma, Aqua, Flare, Skull, just to name a few are part of a shadow operative that interlocks with each other in order to subdue the local governments in order to bring probably a new world order.