Friday, December 30, 2016

Yuri on Ice - A Short Essay on the Evolution on Sexual Identity on the Animation World

Victor and Yuri
(12/30/2016) --- There is something interesting about the use of allegories but also the use of socio-political and economical situations towards the world of animation in order to tell stories that are happening around the times of the authors and developers.

Thanks as service such as Crunchyroll (homepage) individuals around the world who enjoy Japanese animation can have for free, albeit some restrictions apply to watch new content without violating content creation and copyright laws around the world. Because of many of us we could saw on 2016 an anime named Yuri on Ice (Wikipedia) the diaspora of people with interest around the world got unified (McLelland, 2005) through the use of Web 2.0 (International Journal of Instruction).

Albeit we can see Yuri on Ice (Homepage) between the Bara and Yaoi genres of animation, it goes mostly into a different category as it deals with the relations between people of the same genre and emotional development between the characters under different social settings. Yuri on Ice, takes the romance on a level that is barely seen on a cartoon, as the characters tend to have deep towards their egos and id, instead of being archetypal cliches of what they represent.

Yuri K
There is still some grounds that need to be broken, as there wasn't a proper realistic approach towards the relationship development between Yuri and Victor as a couple, and their interactions between mentor and protegee; it was rather quite charming and innocent. Who we are to critique the portrayal, as it was actually quite interesting to see something as nice in an era where social media has dictated the norms of how relationships and sex are interlocked (Huang, 2014)

On certain moments in the course of the season, technology is shown as a catalysis of how the characters interact with each other. Some characters use a version of Instagram in which they try to boost their image through sex as well some shameless self-promotion such as the case of Christophe Giacometti in Episode 10 which him an Victor essentially posed in seductive poses to please their social media following.

Albeit the example that sex sells, in order to boost an image; as we can see in the "real world" there is a problematic of over glorification of the body, it will always attract for better or for worse at the moment the consumers would seek satisfaction into seeking an ideal that is impossible to reach, mostly because of their idols.

Even so with the consequence of over glorification of sex, there are nefarious consequence among the youth, mostly being the black and Latinos; but, there is the possibility of not only spreading awareness as also creating campaigns in which social media can promote the message of self-testing. Is a campaign that is relative new, it happened on Los Angeles in 2014 where applications as Grindr offered an affiliated option to know your status (Free HIV Self-Test).

Exchanging Rings in La Sagrada Familia
The moment that made this anime a different one from many others, is on Episode 10 (Yuri on Ice - Wikia) in which the exchange of rings at first it was taken in a naive way, being an act of impulse from Yuri to secure Victor side, albeit to Victor and the other friends who were competing they saw it as engagement.

It is need to understand that towards the laws on Japan and Russia, there are no recognition of same sex marriages and there are punishments if the unions dare to take place. There has been some municipalities around Japan such as Shibuya and some cities around Okinawa, in which the same sex partnerships offer some benefits of marriage (Wikipedia).

The evolution goes that even if there has been other LGBT characters for decades in the anime world, there hasn't been a scene as this one, a sincere as the one on Episode Ten and how the characters developed into having a relationship.


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