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Game Theory Monkey Island 2 LeChuck Revenge

Intro Scene of LeChuck's Revenge
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I've been writing little lately as I've been working a lot, as well continuing my education. Lately I've been thinking and finished playing again the first two games of the Monkey Island Series (Wikipedia).

To whoever grew up in the 1990's would probably had the chance to play the games developed by LucasArt such as Maniac Mansion, Sam & Max, Loom, Indiana Jones just to name a few and in between all of them Escape of Monkey Island, which the latest spawned four sequels over the curse of 20 years, albeit we are going to talk about the future of the franchise in another entry.

Largo and Guybrush
This is just a mere theory, I have to clarify before going any further and is just my own personal idea about several aspects of the first two games; but mostly on the second, which was intended to be the last of the series.


What if the entire scenario for the first two games it is set in the mind of a child who is developing positive schizophrenia or at least he has it and his parents or brother haven't even noticed any possible symptoms and mixed it with someone who has an active imagination.

The first symptom we can see through Guybrush is the multiples delusions and hallucinations through the timeline in which the original games are placed. There is the idea of becoming a pirate but also the point in which he couldn't realize what was real and what was just a mere fantasy. There is grandeur complex in which he believes himself to be a mighty pirate while other characters from his imagination seem as he truly is, an individual full of insecurities and complexes about his persona.

The Voodoo Hut
It is easy to understand that the scenarios can be quite open, as the mere game could be just the fantasy of a child and that he and his brother are just playing pirates, in some carnival that it seems both trespassed some of the rides.

Yet, the idea that is an innocent game played by children, considering the constant reminders of death and desolation that are around the Tri-Island area in the Caribbean (Monkey Wiki) in which environmental factors could trigger mental illness to the "pirates" who have the genetic disposition.

Then we have the sense of loneliness and abandonment towards Guybrush identity, he mentioned on a few ocassions that his parents abandoned or died, but never made anything clear towards the fantasy world of set in the Tri-Island area.

The Parents
The idea that everything is fantasy, or at least there is a connection towards LeChuck and Guybrush being related is in the Bone's Song (Monkey Wiki- Bone's Song) where there was no possible way that Guybrush would know how to navigate through LeChuck's fortress without any filial relationship,

The aspect towards enviroment it goes that behind the theme of adventure, there is a feel of parental abuse as well brotherly one. Assuming that the intended ending of the game, that wasn't open to any possible sequels,

During the timeline of the first two games, Guybrush created this fantasy world to escape reality but to also to place his emotions outside. It is not difficult to see him as a sociopath with symptoms of acute schizophrenia but yet he probably could be set on the early stages as there are some social inadequacies within his persona and family life (Myers, 2016) that could had been mixed with stress.

Lost Parents
One of the most disturbing scenes in the game it comes where Guybrush is preparing for the final battle, in which he has to create a Voodoo doll of LeChuck and he was in the need of an ingredient that had something from the dead in this case both of their parents.

Guybrush simply desecrates a body and use it to bring his weapon to life. Yet, he seems completely casual about manipulating the remains of his parents or at least an item that would represent them.

A child's game

It is until before the last cut scene in which we could appreciate that Guybrush wouldn't hesitate to hurt his brother before being scolded out by security or maintenance outside the attraction they trespassed.

Spoilers End

At the end, the canon just went as if Guybrush was just trapped in mere illusion by LeChuck, but still some undertones within the game can be quite dark due certain dysfunctional symbolism they represent towards a child that is being abused and not cared by his parents.

Thank you for reading me.  


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