Monday, December 19, 2016

Evolutionary Traits in Pokemon - Part One

(12/18/2016) --- I been getting a lot of interest in playing Pokemon again, it is a different experience playing the game as a child versus being an adult. There are really details that are difficult to appreciate when you are younger such as a history that seems to encompass a world filled in a war, a mass extinction event as well the reconstruction of as society that seems to be shattered after a world collapsed.

Caterpie's Fighting
The most interesting aspects of the game franchise itself, shows the decline of the ecosystem, assuming that Pokemon takes in an alternative timeline of our own world there are no varieties within the species; but, also it gives information that Pokemon took shelter during the formation of Earth and were a minor part of the ecosystem.

There is some contradictions between the difference generations towards if animals from our world really exist? Or at least play an important part on the ecosystem balance of the Pokemon World.

Vespiqueen Attack Order
 There are some mentions towards Generation One games, such as the entry of Gastly in FireRed on the Pokedex in which is mentioned that he can engulf a large Indian Elephant (Bulbapedia - Gastly) or as Vespiqueen Attack Order (Bulbapedia - Vespiqueen) in which it involve real bees.

Besides a few scattered pieces of information, the mentioning of animals in the Pokemon World is almost non-existent as if they went extinct on a major level scale event, or as if they were assimilated by the organism that eventually become Pokemon.

Why I am not considering Pokemon as if the were an analogue of animals found in our own ecosystems? And, even so that we see daily? Because, there aren't enough varieties or variations of the species; and their behaviors lack of complex social interaction between the same species and cross-generational species. Pokemon's themselves also seem to be knowledgeable towards human language, even so if there could be placed a pragmatic theory towards a generic form of language that could cross between different species (Tessler & Goodman 2016)

Evolving into a Butterfree
After, the understanding of the language that could barrier the different geographical locations, we could assume that beyond verbal commands Pokemon's towards what attack or "trick" their handlers or trainers would like them to use, kinesiology could be the main factor for the Pokemon to understand their trainers.

The communicational aspect that could be lost is whenever there is an evolution trigger event, in which there could be a reconstruction of the neural system inside the Pokemon brain; yet, the idea of adaptability as well developing new neural connections could represent a problem towards the training of the beast, as not all Pokemon's have solid bodies or proper learning organs, lets take a look again on Gastly.

 As many monsters in the game Gastly entire existence is composed of an ethereal body, and even if we go further in the series we can even see on Generation Seven that Gastly and his subsequent forms such as Hunter and Gengar, and other Ghost type Pokemon were human once.

Leading the theory, that what is Pokemon, could be just a mere biological agent that mutated over the millenniums and infected everything on the planet, we can even joke as the influenza virus (INCOB, 2016) but as well it could had reached other galaxies, for the reasons that many on the Pokemon World speculate that their life originated on outer space.

The idea of a virus that essentially manipulated the DNA of every organic being and almost every inorganic compound it is quite macabre, it could be the form of adaptation in which Pokemon's as a series of micro-organism survived and adapted to the conditions of almost every planet they landed (Bulbapedia - Deoxys)

Deoxys itself could be placed as a catalyst in the destabilization of the enviroment of the planet due the unstable DNA that carries; even so, that trait seems to be natural on all the Pokemon's due the evolution  factor in which they change forms; albeit, it can be more reoccurring in others such as Mew and Eevee, just to name two of the many. Probably Eevee the most, as as single handle creature can modify his DNA from the scratch if his exposed to the proper Stones in order to trigger the change and obtain the desired form.  


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