Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Yuge Campaign Problem or How History is Repeating Itself

(9/10/2016) --- Lets understand something, by saying "Immigration reform that will make America Great Again" you are showing  yourself to be a complete fool, a xenophobe and someone who has no clue about understanding on how to bring voters and how to strength international relations that are critical for USA economical development on a federal level but also on foreign grounds (Trump, 2016)

The mixed signals, not to say "the ever changing words that come from the mouth of this so called man" only spill a demagoguery and hatred that is linked to the socio-economical development of the United States after the Reformist and Progressive of the late 1800's.

After an interview with Fox News on the 08/26 week in which he tweaked his views on deporting more than eleven million illegal immigrants only if they had a criminal record, it shows not an evolution on his view but also changing as quickly as possible in which he contrasted that no illegals should apply for citizenship and they should before any attempts keeps exposing him and his campaign crew as individuals who lack of transparency towards the interests of the people who are trying to find a better future.

The idea of banning Muslims is one of the many long list of Nativism policies or ideas that has been essentially since the foundation of the country; which all of them are mixed with the American Exceptionalism and the Monroe Doctrine, in order to preach a message of racial exclusion and eugenics in which certain people based on a belief that is different from the preachers represent a threat to the country and the ideals.

Lets organize this by the very beginning, lets not forget that deeming a race inferior shows the quality of a person (saying Mexicans and illegals are rapist could be the most modern example) but in 1882 Senator John F. Miller in California introduced several bills in which he deemed Chinese as well other Asian as "inferior races" (Reason Vol. 47) The House and the Senate eventually voted on the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 which eventually became a law.

The point of proving that a race or a group of laborers were a danger to the unity of the country back, showed how much the creation of a human rights agency was in the need but also it showed how much damage a group of fanatics imposed their will by a hysteria that had no fundamentals beyond the political propaganda of the era.

An immigration reform that excludes solely on the religious ideal, it goes against human rights; it expose him and his followers as depraves who only want to reign an idea of supremacy in which is not new as on every other decade and century we see situations as this one. Black, Jews, Greeks, Armenian,  Polish, Irish, Chinese, Indians, Japanese, LGBT's you name it and in almost every century there has been a group which have been the subject of violence and discrimination coming from the majority or the dominant class (Epstein, Reinhard, 2016).

"If Mr. Trump were to go down a path of wishy-washy positions taken on things that the core foundation of his support has so appreciated that is respecting our Constitution and respecting law and order in America, then, yeah, there would be massive disappointment" If someone as blind and deaf as the former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin can give an insight about Trump ever lasting changing positions that actually reflect some of the Republican angst towards the direction the party is heading, then it is a moment that may long time Republican should consider about how to act for the well being of their regional and federal economy, when they cast the vote and to who they give it to (Epstein, Reinheard, 2016).

We have to consider different factors, not only economical but also social in which there is a pattern of social values such as the rice of supremacists on the national media opposite to the 1915 cult-movie The Birth of a Nation (D.W. Griffith) which was an apologetic movie and novel that promoted racism and the second wave of the Klansman, which by today standards would be the Alt-Right (McAfee, 2016) which by today standards are one of the most vocal antagonists towards multiculturalism and immigration, which had been essential aspects that had defined The United States since the Post War era.

The main problem towards Trump immigration "reform" if it can be called that, centers and expose the momentum of his proposal, the guy and his team have no clue how anything works, they want to adjust the Constitution to their own rights and violate every single human right treaty. The idea of building a wall around the frontier to stop illegal not only expose his lack of understanding of what motivates a person to go and reject his previous life; but also it expose that is followers don't know that passing the border is the least, jumping in a plane and never leaving is the most common method.

It is just fantastic to think on how the idea of building a wall had gathered so many supporters, but within his supporters they see a division of the land with a wall will solve the "problem". Another problem facing the campaign it goes that his appeal to the Hispanic audience is quite minimal, The change on his aides and counselors had alienated him from his hardcore supporters, but before that when the Republicans where fighting for the primaries he even alienated all of his rivals with his immigration proposal that became part of his plan.

He even spoke and pledged calling for a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on?" How to shutdown the country from Muslims, that is not very different from denying the immigration to the Jews of the WW2, from the Gentlemen Agreement that placed Japanese in camps, and the list goes and goes. What would immigration do in the airports? Discriminate someone against their faith? More than they do right now with their racial profiling or "selective screenings as the like to call it; but I guess common sense is something Trump doesn't have or anyone who blindly follows him.


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