Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Paul Pixel the Awaking Game Review

Paul at the Gas Station
(9/26/2016) --- First of all, thank you everyone who has read me, or at least read me by accident. Second, I will give some spoilers about this retro styled game for the iOS; so if you haven't finished playing, please come and read me later. Thank you very much.


The game starts in a very innocent way, almost as a picturesque movie in which aliens start an invasion plan to take over the Earth; but the surprise twist comes that the aliens are actually zombies from outer space and the way they plan to take over the world is through a pathogen that can be spread through physical damage from an infected or another alien.

Then it comes the scene where the main character, an average guy named Paul Pixel is about to save the world. The game within a general analysis of the structure of the gameplay, plays a homage to the old-school LucasArt games such as Loom, Monkey Island, Grimm Fandago and others. The menu is extremely similar in terms of use as of the old-school point and click games, but it has been adapted to be played within the touchscreen.

The use of the items is all located within one point, which is the hand located on the right corner of the screen; opposite to the SCUMM (SCUMMVM - Wikia), the menu only contains one item per use and the items can't be combined to be used in the game. Thus making certain parts such as finding an electrical connection near the sewers somewhat difficult as the player has to navigate through a dark screen.

Paul and his future wife/girlfriend
The game as whole plays with cliches that are found in zombie movies (Saathoff, 2012), such as everyone is an idiot, police are corrupt or useless. women are always in distress just to name a few of the cliches that are placed on the game; but, the story takes in a light way how the apocalypse is taken, it's show how the tragedy in reality is, is just surreal and cartoonish much as some scenarios sold in movies and television shows.

Probably the biggest cliche placed within the game narrative is how useless politicians are in which at the very end of the game is exposed towards when Paul reach a similar building that looks suspiciously to the United Nations, in which also it gives the idea that game is set on the upper New York State Area but also Manhattan.

Is that you Hillary?
While playing within the last chapter of the game, it is difficult to not see that one of the characters is similarly modeled to Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton, as the pantsuits can be seen to the players but also in another nod, the player will find a similar character that looks a lot like Mario from Mario Bros. hiding in a toilet stall from the zombies.

The nod towards politicians being useless and or bureaucrats towards  tragedies, it is probably well treated as politicians and state leaders see the tragedy as a way to boost their images, but also place money first on their pockets rather than giving assistance to their constituents much as when Paul has an antidote to the infection spread by the zombies; but, there were no assistance from any public figure.

It's me Mario
The music and ambiance they are actually quite engaging, really easy to enjoy and they have this reminiscent of old school games where the use of MIDI was very common. Another aspect in which the players can find overwhelming is the use of random items in order to go outside the designated play areas.

Also, it can be difficult to know to what to do towards the use of certain items. One example is the overflowing of the urinal stall in the bathroom which is difficult to know where to aim to cause the sequences.

I totally recommend the game, is actually fun. Really enjoyable and is actually affordable on the Apple Store for US$1.99 which is a nice price for an iOS game.



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