Monday, August 22, 2016

Regret is not the Warmest Word Trump Has Used

(8/22/2016) -- Last Thursday, in the Charlotte Convention Center at North Carolina; said he regretted some past statements - but he didn't back off different ad-hominem attacks on his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Pulling out the best vein as dictators such as Correa or Maduro; Trump gave a ranging evening speech at the convention center, in which he offered a "vision" of a "new" American future. He called for "law and order," "extreme vetting" of immigrants and refugee, an end to drug cartels, restructuring or pulling out trade deals and putting "American people first again."
Regret is not a feeling

Let’s start from the bottom; placing the idea of American people first again, is such a vast and complex context in which Trump as the head of Trump Enterprise should start pulling out his outsourcing from China, as towards international trade he shows no intention into investing on a national level; making him a hypocrite towards the country financial growth.

Maybe it can be just feigned ignorance towards labor law, international trade and what you can do in your exercise of power to turn a company such as Ford and expropriate it and make it as a subsidiary from the government. You cannot forbid a company to open a plan in Mexico, while Trump Enterprise has no ties (no pun intended) to the United States beyond selling cheap manufactured products at exorbitant prices. The simple idea of charging a 35% tax to car products will generate a loss in the income and jobs across the United States.

During the speech, he cast himself as someone who would fight for the oppressed, help minorities (that is just an oxymoron by the way), factory workers, veterans and the middle class to succeed economically. While on his presidential website (Trump - 2016) he centers his growth on Chicago, he doesn't offer any solutions on how to cease the criminal problematic that has stricken Illinois for a few decades and only attacks Hillary Clinton without really offering an answer to how improve Chicago economic and give a boost to the automobile industry.

The Detroit News, stated “It isn’t clear how Trump could legally single out one automaker for punitive taxes.” as there is an investment from Ford that is US$6.2 billion and they employ 25,000 people on their operations but in his hypocrisy he doesn't mind taking advantage of the global marketplace.

"I am running to be your voice," he expressed to the crowd, promising to pull out or renegotiate NAFTA (NAFTA). "I am glad that I make the powerful, and I mean very powerful, a little uncomfortable now and again, including some of the powerful people in my own party" (Portillo, 2016) while he has imported clothes from Mexico to his brand, in which he hasn't agreed to stop investing overseas or creating a self-imposed penalty for his own brand as he intends to do with Ford (Anderson, 2016).

There is no difference between an U.S. automaker and another one in real state investing in real states in other countries. There are Trump hotels in Panama and Rio, just to name a few places (Baker, Higgins 2016) in which there is a branding issue because of the xenophobic comments he has expressed towards anyone who is not Caucasian. People around the world where his name is tied to the buildings they live or where they do business want him out of any deal involved towards the plot and real state development, because of his actions at the moment of dealing with a global set of consumers.

He claims that Clinton is a bigot, but he also underscores the black communities due a faux appeal in which he mentioned, they should give him a chance. The deal is that Clinton has a 92% of the black voters, while Trump has a 2% according to an ABC News/ Washington Post poll that was released on August the 7 of 2016 (Washington Post, 2016). His appeal fails "What do you have to lose by trying something new?" Freedom and liberties which right now, due the Trump virulent speech racist and bigots are showing themselves in public more than ever.

Regret is a word that Trump doesn't know, or feel; he doesn't care if we track his business records on who he passes over in order to get rich; he has lied and change his posture several times. He has discriminated and incited violence against women, minorities and foreigners. Trying something new? No, myself as a foreigner who has the rights to vote, who is a national, I won't give support to someone who incites violence and hate.


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